Breakthrough as yoga instructor – Part 2

You probably thought I didn’t get much out of my recent marketing stunt in the park, but you would be wrong. I got a call. A client wanted to have me as their yoga trainer. A woman, no less.


Yeah, you probably thought I would have been called by horny men who had seen what happened, but instead a woman came and we were exercising together in a private room in the gym.

I was helping her with all the different positions and it really went great. It felt amazing to finally be able to use everything I know about yoga with a student.


“When does the topless part start?” she asked me at one point. I was about to ask her what she meant, when I figured what was going on. She or someone else had seen me be topless in the park and they had assumed this was part of the style of yoga I was teaching.

“Now” I said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Which it sort of was. We both took our tops off and continued with some exercises.


At one point I suddenly heard a sound. “What was that!?” I said.

My student looked over in the corner and pointed. “A dude!” she said.

“Get out from there” I said and walked towards him “What are you doing here. You are peeping!”


“No, well, yes, but no, I came for the yoga, this is your ad, isn’t it?” he said and help up the poster I had put on a few trees in the neighborhood. I nodded.

“I saw you in the park and figured it was time for me to start this yoga thing I have heard so much about” he said.

“He should be topless too” my other student said. “Yeah” I nodded. “No wait” my student said “that’s not fair, we have boobs and for him its not the same. He should have to drop his pants”. With that she pulled his pants down and before he could think, they were gone and she’d thrown them in the corner.


She grabbed his cock. “Look, it’s hard already from peeping at us” she laughed.

There we were, three of us half-naked. “I guess we should go on” I said and got ready for the next position in my program.

“Uhm, excuse me” the guy said “I want the part where I get to fuck you, just like the dude in the park”.

“Yeah, that’s right” my female student said “I saw that too, you should do that or it’s false advertisement”.

I shook my head. “Alright, and then we will be able to continue with the real, I mean, other yoga”. I couldn’t talk too much down about my style of yoga, after all, it was what was making me a local celebrity these days.

I got on the couch and let him do the work.


Without any warning he started cumming in me.


“Whoa, I mean, come on dude, some warning would be nice”.

“It was nice even without the warning” he said and pondered. “I like yoga!”

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