But it’s Date Night

Bunyan had been looking forward to date night all week long. He was so disappointed when he came home and found his girlfríend in the middle of some console game with her friend.


“Uhh, are you getting ready for game night?” Bunyan asked.

Jessica sighed “Oh is that tonight – oh but I have Tanya over, we’re just in the middle”

Bunyan left for the kitchen and had a beer and when he came back to the living room, they were still playing.

“We’re gonna be done in 10 minutes” Jessica yelled and they both giggled. 30 minutes later and they were still not done. Bunyan knew how this was going to go. It was not the first time. They were going to play that stupid game all night long.

“Oh I can feel you lingering, Bunyan” Jessica said “Why don’t you come here and get it over with then”. Bunyan knew that Jessica was bluffing, but he was calling her bluff. He started pulling her panties off.


“Oh my god, Bunyan, he is doing it!” Jessica said and giggled.

“Bunyan, Tanya is right here”

“Keep your eyes on the game” Bunyan said “That goes for both of you” he laughed. He then start pushing his cock inside her pussy.


“O-M-G, Tanya, he is actually doing it – this is not fair, I’m losing”.

“Concentrate on the game” Tanya said “Don’t be a sore loser”.


“It’s not fair” Jessica said again “You have to fuck Tanya too to make it fair, then she will get distracted too”

They both laughed.

“It is actually my date night too” Tanya said.

None of them, not even Bunyan, thought he would take them up on that “offer”. Obviously they were kidding, but Bunyan pulled Tanyas pants off too. He figured he would teach his girlfriend a lesson.


“What the fuck – your boyfriend is fucking me!” Tanya said.

“Can we pause it?” Tanya asked.

“No, we said no pause until the game is over” Jessica said “So don’t cheat.”

“Seriously, Bunyan, are you fucking my friend right in front of me?”

“No, behind you” Bunyan said.


The excitement of the fresh pussy was too much for Bunyan.

He started cumming in her.


Tanya surely felt it but neither of them felt it would be a good idea to say anything.

“OK, sure, you win, I’ll be in the pub” Bunyan said and left.

As he looked back at the girls he saw them still playing their game and giggling but cum flooding out from Tanyas pussy.

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