Carly’s first day as a TV hostess

Carly had been hired as a TV hostess, only to discover that her job would be to take care of people coming into the TV station – as a hostess. Her dream had been be on air talent, but after signing her employment contract, she discovered the content of her work was different than what she expected.

The title of this post is actually a lie. This story is about Carly’s SECOND day at work. The first time she came to work, she was told to strip down and serve coffee. She was so disappointed that she left immediately.

One week later she decided to come back to work and all was forgiven. After all, this was her chance to get into showbusiness, even if it did require her to walk around in risque outfits in the TV station for everyone else’s enjoyment.

She had done an effort this time – here she is in the ladies room, making sure she is ready for her work day.


Carly had come to terms with her job – a TV hostess. Not the worst thing in the world. She would be able to hang out with local celebrities, such as Mr. Ryback, and she might one day have a chance of advancing within the TV station.


It was sort of a pity she had done such a great effort to look good in her underwear.

“You should take advantage of our free massage service” I told her.

“Really? You have one? Is it included in the salary?”

“Not only that. It’s mandatory! Off you go, it’s on the 2nd floor down the end of the hall.”

Carly was confused about the mandatory massage service at work. Her naive mind allowed her to believe that this was some service to ensure employee health.


The massage was relaxing if nothing else. For a while, anyway.

Carly got a little on edge when she noticed just how thorough the masseur was with her bottocks.


It may not surprise you to know, that the masseur kept focusing on her ass. He would massage the bottocks a lot, he would move closer and touch her pussy and asshole.

He asked her to put one leg down on the floor, while he continued to massage her ass even more. He was so thorough, that Carly almost didn’t notice at first that he was now pressing his penis into her ass.


“Whoa, what is this?” was all that Carly could say once she realized he was trying to fuck her up the ass.

“This is part of the mandatory massage” the guy explained and pushed his penis further in.

He was still massaging her back while fucking her and it left one very confused Carly thoroughly massaged and fucked.

He pulled out just in time and came all over her butt.


The masseur left and Carly was getting time to think about what happened. A mandatory massage which included an ass fucking. This was not cool, but she was not going to let something stupid like this ruin her job opportunity. She already got gang banged in order to GET the job in the first place, so this was nothing in comparison.

She was trying to think of this as an investment. She would walk funny for a couple of hours, but she would have a chance to show her other skills and hopefully people would see that she has real talent and is fit for television.

Carly went to take a much needed shower, when she noticed a dude filming her with a little pocket camera.

“I’m shooting a documentary about the TV station, don’t mind me” the guy said.


Carly calmed down. She knew this TV station would routinely blur out anything revealing. In fact, this would just call some attention to her when shown, so she let him take his footage.

When she got out of the shower, she discovered her clothes had been switched with a revealing set of bra and panties. It covered her alright, it was just that the panties were see-through.


Carly went back down to the offices, went straight to the kettle and started making coffee. Then she went around with a tray to everyone, offering them coffee and politely asking them whether they wanted tea or sugar. She did in her bra and panties and with such confidence that nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

They were not going to make her quit. She was determined.

The next day there was a new masseur for her mandatory massage…


She kept coming to work, get massages, serve coffee in her underwear – when something happened. She had caught the attention of people upstairs – the bosses.

Stay tuned to learn what happened when Carly went to see her bosses.

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