I was very happy that my friend, about 10 years older than me, came here with me today. I am an aspiring actress, but I have really no experience with this sort of thing. His name is Thomas and he was in a play once when he was younger, so I figured I would bring him along, so he could guide me in case I did anything wrong.

All of a sudden Jenny came to my doorstep and asked “Are we ready to go?”. I had forgotten all about it. Apparently I had promised to go with her to an audition today so I could help her in case the audition wasn’t going in the direction I was hoping for. We’ve hung out a few times, but I don’t know Jenny well. I once gave her some advice about her boyfriend, so I guess maybe that’s why she feels more comfortable having me here.


I said hello to the casting agent and his assistant. Thomas sat in the corner. I looked at him, sort of locating where to look in case I was in doubt about something.

After we came in, Jenny seemed to be quite in charge of the situation. I was about to ask questions to the casting agent, but Jenny gave me a sort of look that meant that I should stay seated and let her handle everything.

They told me they would first assess my appearance and then later my acting. They asked me to pose in different positions.


The casting agent told me that they would also need to see me topless. His assistant came to me and moved my straps to the side, so my blouse was going to fall down. I looked over at Thomas and he gave me an approving look and so I let it fall.

They wanted her to be topless, so they pulled her blouse down. She looked at me while they did it, letting me know that everything was still just fine.


They called in three guys. The agent told me they were the street gang from the script. I hadn’t seen any script, but I guess they would be in the movie too if I got the part. We posed together for a bit.


As part of the posing, one of the gang members touched my tit. At first I was a bit shocked, but then I looked over at Thomas. I looked very alert, so I was sure he was paying attention and it didn’t seem like he objected, so that reassured me that everything was fine.

The guys started groping her. I was getting turned on but also thinking about whether this was at all necessary. I was thinking of asking the casting agent what this role would be all about, but Jenny looked directly at me and kind of nodded, indicating that it was all good.


The assistant came several times and adjusted my clothing. First he pulled my shorts half way off, then all the way off. It didn’t make much difference to me whether I was wearing my shorts or not. I posed with a group of men who were touching me here and there.


When she was posing with them, touching her all over, at one point one of the guys were putting his hand into her panties. At that moment Jenny froze completely. I think the agent caught on, because he said it was enough now and asked the guys to take a break.

It seemed Jenny was happy to be back at posing. The agent asked her to turn her back a bit. The assistant then came up and started moving her panties down, inch by inch. The agent told him to stop and they took some pictures.


After the assistant had pulled my panties down, I realized I forgot to check in with Thomas to see if I was doing alright. He was looking at what the agent and assistant were doing, so I took that as a sign that he was not alarmed at all.

I didn’t know there was going to be this much nudity or whether that was normal, so I was happy to have brought Thomas along.

The assistant came up to her again, and then started moving her panties more and more off, until they were all the way off, leaving Jenny bottomless. Virtually naked. I looked at her to check if she was fine and she looked back, letting me know everything is as it should be.

After he pulled my panties off, I was nervous at first, but Thomas gave me a reassuring look that comforted me.


Jenny was standing kind of awkwardly so I think that’s why they asked her to sit down on her knees. It simply gave a better view of her … appearance.


I noticed that the three gang members were now sitting in the couch, completely naked, stroking their cocks. I would have been very uncomfortable about how this looked if I didn’t have my dear friend Thomas with me.

They asked me to go over there and sit down on one of the guys. Thomas gave me a reassuring look, so I did that. Then the assistant started repositioning me so I would be closer to the guys penis. The agent then told the guy to put the penis inside me. I wanted to be sure that Thomas was seeing what was going on, so I said “OK?” to him. He nodded back and then I let him put his cock in my pussy.

Now Jenny was apparently going to have sex with the guy. She willingly sat on him and when the agent wanted him to start fucking her, I got really uncomfortable about the kind of thing Jenny had invited me to see. I had no idea she was going to be a porn actress, she could have said so beforehand. But it was nice of her that, before she got started with fucking the dude, she said “OK?” to me, confirming that I was fine with having to watch these people have sex with her. I nodded when she asked.


I honestly couldn’t believe that I had to fuck this guy during the audition. I didn’t really know that it was necessary for the movie, but then again, I didn’t know the details of the plot of the movie, so it might have been. I gave the casting agent the benefit of the doubt.

While I was being fucked, the assistant pressed a tube of lubricant into my asshole. I only just realized why he probably did that, before my assumption was confirmed. I looked at Thomas who just sat and smiled, I guess he thought I was doing well.

I looked on as the dude fucked Jenny. She didn’t even look surprised when he started fucking her in the ass too. It did turn me on a bit and I couldn’t help but rub my own cock through my pants. It felt good. I saw Jenny look right at me, smiling. I smiled back at her.


The agent whispered something in the ear of one of the other guys. He then went up to me and filled the available hole right in front of him. With the dudes cock up my ass, that left my pussy available for the other guy. I looked at Thomas for guidance. He gave me two thumbs up so I continued taking the cocks. After a while, the third guy took over and fucked me too.

I was thinking to myself that this was not really something I wanted to be part of. Doing porn is not my thing and I don’t want to be involved with it. But I remembered that Jenny needed my support, so when she looked at me, I turned my frown upside down and gave her thumbs up with a smile.


When the guy started cumming in my ass, the agent said something about it being time for the money shot. They sat me on the floor and started cumming on me. The agent asked me to smile to the camera. Only then did I realize that they had been filming the whole thing.

I asked the agent how he thought I did. He said that he thought I had done great, but said that I would need to go through a couple of more auditions before he could promise any role for me in a movie. I was excited about this news – that I still had a chance to be in a movie. That’s so great. And it’s all thanks to Thomas, I would have never gone through all this if he had not been there to encourage me.


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