Chocolate dispenser

I was visiting one of my friends from school. She was a girl. A friend. A girl. Girlfriend? No, not my girlfriend, just a new friend that I had helped with a math problem and then she invited me home with her.


We were trying to get to know each other. As we talked, it did seem like she was not the smartest girl alive, but very good hearted, definitely a good person.

We talked about many things, movies we liked. I like The Matrix. She likes Toy Story and The Little Mermaid.

The talk fell on types of candy that we like. She told me she likes chocolate a lot. While we were talking, I was looking at her short t-shirt and her even shorter shorts. She was cute and I wanted to flirt with her a little.

“You know, I could give you some chocolate if you wanted?”

“REALLY!!?? CHOCOLATE!?” she almost yelled back. Her reaction had surprised me a lot. “You like it?” I said. “I love it, but my mom says I can’t have any, she is saying I will get fat and ugly, but I really, really like chocolate.

“Oh well” I said and decided to flirt with her a little bit “the kind of chocolate I could give you, you would have to be naked first – because it’s a special kind of chocolate.”

She looked at me, squinting her eyes at me. “It’s not a trick or anything – you really have some chocolate?” she asked. I couldn’t tell if she was joking but it didn’t matter. “Sure” I lied.

She got a ‘I gotta call that bluff’ kind of look on her face and then she stripped down!!


“So where’s the chocolate?” she said to me impatiently. “You’re not tricking me, are you?”

She had some healthy suspicions, although not at all healthy enough. In case I wanted to trick her, I had already been successful.

I started undressing as well. “I’ll give you the chocolate now” I said and went over to her. “Just get on your knees”. She did it.

I explained “There is chocolate in there, you just have to suck a little to get it out. Yes, go ahead and suck it”.


She grabbed it and tried to suck out the chocolate. Not like a blowjob, more like a suckjob. Good, but not exactly what I was looking for.

“It’s not coming out” she said “and it tastes kind of weird”.

“That’s OK” I told her. I reassured her that if she just was a little patient, the sweetest white liquid chocolate would come out. I also told her it’s a delicacy that women all over the world enjoy, although they tell me it’s an acquired taste.

She kept on sucking and I could soon feel a rush coming through my body. I tried not to make too much noise, I just said “Here’s your chocolate, ready to catch it!?”


She tried to catch it all, but her mouth was a couple of centimeters from my cock when I came and much of it splattered on her face.

“Ha ha, I’ve got chocolate everywhere in my face now” she laughed.

She then took a finger around and traced it around her face in the cum, then she putted her finger in her mouth and slurped it up. She then put my cock in her mouth and sucked to get the last chocolate out, then she licked everywhere around to get every last bit of it.

“Did you like the chocolate?” I asked her.

She nodded … then she looked thoughtful and said “If you don’t mind me saying so, it does have a weird after-taste of cum.”


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  1. Ha ha, sorry Amazing Dough, Eroslavia is a bit difficult to get up and running again 🙂 but there is PLENTY to come on Illusex 🙂

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