Dare to dare

I had heard of this girl that would always take dares and people had made her do weird things, like serve rice instead of french fries at the restaurant where she works. I had tracked her down and got to talking with her.


“Do you wanna play dare?” I asked her.

“Do you mean truth or dare?” she asked.

“Naa, the truth is overrated, let’s just play dare”.

“Ha ha, well, you’re on! I want you to run around the house twice with your cock hanging out of your pants!” she said. Surprising she already had a dare ready. There would be people seeing me if I did this. It would be illegal. “No pictures, though, OK?” I asked, just to make sure I wouldn’t get in any real trouble.

“OK” she said. I thought about it back and forth. After I had taken the risk and done it, she might just say “OK, you win!” and then I would be the idiot. However, she might take the dare I had in mind for her. I had to take the chance and after 5 undramatic minutes, I was back, having completed my part of the dare.

“Come with me” I said and led her to my apartment two blocks away where I had a couple of friends waiting.


“So my dare for you” I said and paused for effect “Is to do whatever I tell you for the rest of the night”.

“What? That’s not fair, that’s much more than the dare I gave you” she said. “Sure, if you want to back out, I understand that”. That was exactly the right thing to tell her. “I’m not backing out! OK, what did you have in mind”.

“Sit down here – let’s see those tits of yours!”



One of the guys was about to take some pictures, but she stopped him. “Hey, no pictures, like we agreed on when you did YOUR dare” she said. I nodded at him. “Of course, same rules apply. No pictures.”.

We played with her breasts for a bit and had fun with having her under our control.

“Let’s get her completely naked” one of the guys said.

She protested. “No no no, nothing sexual or anything, okay!?”

“You had me running around in public with my dick out, I think it’s only fair we get you naked! It’s not even in public.” She nodded. “Sure”. We got her naked and then the real fun began.

We got her down on her knees and took our cocks out. “Sucking time”.

“Forget it” she responded.

“You give up yet?” I asked.

“No, but…”

“No buts – win or lose, it’s your decision”.

“Win” she replied and moments later cocks were finding their way to her mouth.


After she got us all hard, one of the guys got the wonderful, but obvious, idea, that we should fuck her. Sure, I thought, let’s see just how far we can take this.

“Time for more fun” he said, carried her to the couch and started pushing his cock into her. Had she not willingly accepted the dare, this could’ve looked like rape.


The couch was perfect for us to fuck her while other could kneel down and put their cocks in her mouth. “Don’t cum in me, though” she pleeded. “I’m not on the pill”.

“Joey” I said to my buddy currently fucking her. “Yeah?”

“I dare you to cum in her!”.

“Oh yeah!” Joey fucked her faster and held on to her thighs and then went as fast as he could to climax and started cumming in her.


Ultimately, it would be fair to say, that she won the dare.

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