There are a lot of stories about sexy dares in the homes of our readers and we wanted to collect a little page of some of the most interesting stories.

I dared my girlfriend to wear her see-through blouse when the pizza delivery guy came.

We had a lot of fun watching him fumble with the change while trying no to stare.

We did the same thing. It’s not the last time we will do that.

Of course, now its my girlfriends turn to dare me to do something so I wont get to do another dare with her until I do mine.

Fair is fair.

We did a private dare. Semi private, anyway. I dared my girlfriend to walk around bottomless at home for a whole day. She did it. This is the only picture I could snap without her noticing.

I dared my wife to give me a handjob on the beach. We waited for the right moment and then she went right at it. She is masterly. Quite the handywork.

We have a similar dare but instead of giving me a handjob, my wife and I go to a nudist camp. Then I will find someone for her to jack off.

My girlfriend always takes the dare when I dare her to take a cumshot to the face while we are on a picnic. I have to be fast and then it’s so much fun to see her walk around like that for the next 20 minutes.

I some times dare my girlfriend to give me a blowjob in a crowded cafe. We got away with it twice – but we attempted it three times.

I dared my girlfriend to go without panties on the train. At first she didnt want to do it but I promised her a gift at the end of the day. It was a 10 hour train. Look at this amazing shot from when she took a nap.

Our dare is similar – but it is not JUST to not wear panties on public transport. It is to actually let me take a photo of it. She is quite a good sport I must say.

My wife and I have a really fun party dare. Basically she has to be a Yes Girl all evening. So whenever someone suggests something, she will be up for it. Most parties she gets very drunk because every time someone suggests shots, she joins in.

Then some times we do it the other way around and I am the Yes Man.

On this particular day, it was her turn to do the dare and she was up for it as usual. After a couple of friends had arrived and we were already on the way to getting drunk, I broke to her that Cindy and Wendy had cancelled so it was just going to be us 6 boys and then her.

One of the guys noticed she was not wearing a bra and was surprised. He couldn’t believe they were holding themselves up like that.

He then asked something that you usually don’t ask in polite company! He asked if he could see her breasts. Right in front of me and the other 4 guys.

My girlfriend being the Yes Girl of the evening agreed to the question, to the surprise of everyone.

And sure enough, the guys now knew what I had known all along. They are real and they are spectacular. Yes, and she does not need to wear a bra.

The guys looked at me for approval and I just shrugged my shoulders. Our agreement was that I could not tell anyone about the Yes Girl status. That would be cheating. But I also wasn’t supposed to interfere.

He suggested that she just keep her blouse off and of course she agreed.

Then he continued along the same path. He actually suggested that she take her skirt off as well!

This time she hesitated for a moment and looked at me. I gave a knowing wrinkle on my forehead, trying to telepathically tell her that a dare is a dare and she had to agree to any suggestion anyone would do all night long.

She was wearing very small panties under the skirt.

And of course the inevitable happened and the guy asked her to take her panties off too!

We all figured he would stop there. We got some more drinks and got a little more drunk. Then he started fondling her breasts. She asked him what he was doing, but then he just asked if it was OK and then she agreed.

He got a little uneasy in his pants, clearly sporting a big erection – like the rest of us, to be honest, sitting there with a totally naked girl, having beers.

He suggested she lie down on the couch and let him fuck her.

She had never backed out of a dare before and apparently she was not going to do it this time. She did as he asked and he started fucking her.

He confirmed with her that she was OK with him not using a condom.

One of the other guys then asked if he could go next. And she said sure.

He came in her and she got on top of the next guy and fucked him too.

After they both came in her, she lied on the couch for a while, had a sip of her drink. Then she went to the toilet to tidy up.

When she came back out, the third guy started fucking her and eventually came in her too.

After everyone left, the dare was over. I looked at my girlfriend, cum everywhere, especially oozing from her pussy.

I told her and assured her that I had not said anything about this Yes Girl dare that we had going on. I said that it seemed he knew, but I had no idea how he would know about it.

Then my girlfriend told me something that surprised me. She told him.

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