Discovering Kira – Part 3 of 3

Kira had shown to be great at doing what’s necessary for the company. She had successfully won a client over and I had instructed her on how to win over even more clients – of course using myself as a test dummy.

Kira still came to work in revealing outfits and guests were pleased.


Of course, there was the occasional female guest that was a bit offended, but there aren’t many of those in my line of business and beside, Kira’s winning personality made even the females feel great around her.

Kira would some times be found in the couch relaxing in her break, and that brought me back to the first time I saw her – relaxing, totally unaware of the effect she was having on people around her.


One day when she came to work in a revealing outfit, one of my colleagues wanted to take a picture of her. Kira was fine with it, but I stopped him.

I couldn’t blame him for wanting to take a picture of this wonderful sight.


However, I couldn’t risk Kira seeing the picture, perhaps realizing just how revealing her outfits are, thus ruining a great business spree.

I was waiting for a good opportunity to really use Kira’s talents but then I looked at here again, standing there like that. What a wonderful girl. I decided not to send her anywhere and instead keep her around the office for myself.

I realized this would be somewhat of an anti climax for anyone that I would ever tell this story to. But such is life sometimes.

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