Dressing for the weather

I live in a particularly hot climate and we cannot afford any air condition unit, not even close to it. So when I am home, I like to dress light in clothes that I would not wear when outside. That’s perfectly normal, of course, but for me it causes some problems.


The issue is – my boyfriend is such a scatterbrain. He forgets things.

He knows I dress like this right after I come home from work but even so, he forgets to tell me when we have company over. He brings friends in and then they spot me wearing my casual clothes. Yes, it’s completely natural, but it’s embarrassing. Not only that they see me like that, but embarassing that my boyfriend always forgets it.

He should make more of an effort.

One time I walked straight in front of the TV with my boyfriend and his friends watching baseball. I didn’t notice them until it was too late and by then there was no point in trying to hide, that would just make it even more embarrassing.


I thought to myself, what can I do to make my boyfriend remember this and tell me before he invites friends over.

Then I got an interesting idea – and before I could think about whether that idea was really good or not, I had invited the boys up. “Come on up, boys, let me see”.

They didn’t what was up, but they were somehow hypnotized, almost, and did as I asked. I touched their boners through their pants. “Now see what happened” I said “that’s because my boyfriend didn’t tell me you were coming over, then I would have worn something else”.

“Sorry” one of the guys said. “No” I said “My boyfriend should be sorry, you guys are just victims here”.


I pulled my shirt up a little and it didn’t take much for my pussy to get exposed. “You can touch it if you want” I said “anything else would be teasing, considering the show I put on for you when I came in here.”

They both caressed my legs and were reluctant to actually touch my pussy, what with my boyfriend sitting right there.


“It’s OK, you can touch” I said “but I feel a little naked here – perhaps if you pull your pants down too, I won’t feel so out of place.”

I helped one of them lower their pants and the other one managed by himself. They exposed something of a sight. Wow.


“But I am keeping you – you guys should sit back down in the couch” I said and so they did, now with big boners sticking out.

“Oh, what a mess I made, I can’t let you sit like that.” I said “Come, I’ll sit on you, I think you want that, even if you are too shy to ask”.

I got on top of one of the guys and I was now expecting my boyfriend to step in and stop me and apologize for making a mistake. But he didn’t, and as I was already in motion, I ended up slipping down onto his cock and he started fucking me. I looked to the side and noticed not only did my boyfriend not stop me, he had pulled out his cock and was masturbating.


Meanwhile, the other guy put his cock in my mouth.

“Wait a minute, I want to watch the game too!” I said and turned around and rode him reverse cowboy style.


He moved me up and down his cock and just kept going, each time I almost slipped off and then he hammered it again all the time up my pussy and hit the “ceiling” each time.

He could hear some sounds of pleasure turning into something more. The bastard was going to cum in me. I decided no longer to wait for my boyfriend and I jumped off his cock just in time, got on the floor and got his load in my face – and bonus one from the other guy who had jacked off.


I was going to get up and sit in the couch when my boyfriend said “Maybe you should wear something else”.

Now he says that!

I wasn’t going to let him win that easy. I went “OK” and went to me room and put just a white top on for comfort. I came back into the couch just wearing that and sat casually with my legs spread in the couch for the rest of the game.


At one point, the other guy who didn’t get to fuck, but just jacked off on me, was hard again. He went to get a glass of water and when he came back he sat right next to me and casually put a hand on my lap. And by lap I mean on my pussy. No one reacted.

Then he started rubbing it and soon after rolled over on me and gave me a quick and dirty fuck, right between his friend and my boyfriend. I managed to pull him out just before he came and it got on my stomach.

When the other guy got up from the couch, my boyfriend finally went “OK, that’s enough” he said, “the game is over anyway, let’s call it a night”.

I had won!

At least a symbolic victory, because just a week later he forgot again to tell me he had guests and this time he had five friends visiting!

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