Easing them back into society

“OK guys, so this is your first session with me, do you all know why you are here?” Chelsy asked the room.

No one answered.


“OK, I’ll go ahead and tell you in case you are not sure. You have all committed some crime and instead of serving the rest of your punishment, you were mandated to do community service or mandated courses.”

Chelsy explained everything, just the way she did every time she welcomed a new class. She was experienced in handling these sessions.

“And here we are going to talk about our impulses and how we deal with them. Okay?”

The guys nodded and shrugged.


“OK guys, so why don’t you introduce yourself to the class” Chelsy said and pointed to one of the guys.

“I’m Dan” he said. That was it.

“Alright, good, Dan, hi, how are you? Why don’t you go ahead and tell everyone what you did before you got your sentence?” Chelsy, trying to spark a conversation.

“Nothing much” he responded.

“I hear ya” one of the others said.

Chelsy understood she had to do something to get them to open up. She went up to Dan and put her hand on his chest. “Really, tell us what you are feeling right now. Nothing you say will leave this room. This is a safe space” she explained.


“OK, I’m quite horny” Dan said

“Me too” another guy shouted out.

“Good” Chelsy said “This is a safe space, really show your emotions and we can get started”

One of the other guys got out of his chair and as Chelsy looked back, she saw him holding his cock in his hand.

“This is me showing my emotion – my emotion is I’m horny” he said


Chelsy had to admit that he had done as she suggested and was showing his emotion, but this wasn’t what she had in mind, of course.

Another cock came out and someone went up behind her and started pulling her dress up.


“OK guys, this is really not appropriate behaviour” Chelsy tried to explain “You see, this is my session and if I report any breach of conduct, my stats will be marked as failed, so please, just sit down again and we can talk about something else”.

This plea didn’t really resonate with any of the former inmates.

“Hey, get a picture of this” Dan said and they all turned to one of the other inmates who was holding out his camera phone. In the mean time, they had managed to pull Chelsys pants down and was fondling her nipples. This was getting out of control.


They pushed her forward over the table and Dan was the first, but not the last, to stuff his cock inside her. It happened so fast that only while he was pumping his cock into her did she go over her options in her head.

She could should out, but it would be embarrassing for her and for them as well. They would be written down as not having behaved well and might go back to prison. It was her job to keep them OUT of prison, so shouting out would be the exact opposite of her responsibility.


When the next guy took over, she decided it would be favorism not to let all of them have their turn. She didn’t want anyone to think that she liked Dan more than any of the others.


The last guy turned her over and fucked he missionary, more or less, instead. He had a different preference, and maybe that was also why he came in her.

“Guys, that is rude, cumming in someone you barely know. Always pull out!” Chelsy explained.

The next guy took his place and despite her pussy being full of cum, he pushed his cock in and started pumping some cum of his own in there. “Thanks, we will try to remember that some other time” he said.


The last couple of guys came on her face and tits instead. “Smile” Dan said and snapped another picture.


The session was over and the guys left. Chelsy had kept them out of trouble and out of prison by not protesting too much about this, but she had to rethink her strategy for the next session. She had these sessions with each class every other day, so she would only have one day to figure it out.

She got dressed and started packing her bags, then one of the other teachers looked inside. “How did it go?” he asked.

“It ended up in another gang bang, just like usual, I gotta be doing something wrong” Chelsy said.

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