Electives in College

My teacher, Serena, is great. She is very supportive of everyone, some times staying behind to help students out with math. Looking for articles in her free time to pass on to students as inspiration for their homework. That sort of thing. Really someone who goes above and beyond to help her students.


I always wanted to be a photographer and I was happy to hear it was among the electives in college. It was my hobby to take photos of really high quality and now I could do it as part of going to college. A dream come through.

I would like to be a press photographer or maybe a model photographer, if there is still any possible career in that field. I don’t like artsy photos or landscapes or taking close-ups of fruits or a sweater. Only because I knew how Serena always helps everyone as much as she can did I even dare to ask if she wanted to be my model. I needed someone like a model to take photos of and she was my best bet.

She agreed without hesitating at all.

That’s how, the following Thursday, I found myself in a corner of the school, up against a white wall, taking pictures of my teacher Serena in a swisuit.

Week 1


We agreed that I would take care of everything and she would just show up. I would take care of the outfits and make sure everything was ready. She would still coach me and as you can see, there is nowhere near enough lighting on this picture.

I made a note of it and made sure to study up on it before the next time. Going like this, I would be developing my skills in this area in no time at all.

When I came home I noticed that on one of the photos, her areola was sort of peaking out from under the top. I was surprised she hadn’t noticed it and corrected it. I wondered whether she was simply unaware of herself in a way – because she would also some times stumble around in class, like she wasn’t sure where her hands and legs were.


To make it easier to schedule, we agreed that she would be available for photos once a week for the next 3 and a half months. 14 weeks in total. I made a plan of the skills I would have to attain in this time and the findings I expected to discover and the outline of my final paper on it. Everything was approved by Serena.

Week 2

The next week we met in the teachers kitchen after hours and I gave her a swimsuit to wear for the photos. I would be taking photos every few seconds throughout the session.


The fabric was thin and it was a little too big for her, I guess, because it was sort of hanging on her. I still did not get her measurements completely right. I noted down that I had to get her exact measurements and take greater care when picking out the outfits for the week.

She had another little nipple slip this week.


She didn’t notice the nip slip and she didn’t notice the thin fabric either. It was now clear to me that she completely lacked any king of bodily awareness. It was a wonder that she could even get dressed in the morning.

Week 3

Today I used a prop. A chair for her to sit on and pose on. It was all part of the curriculum.

When I gave the outfit to her she laughed. “Swim wear again – every time?” she asked. I wondered if the jig was up, but apparently. “No no, It will be very varied” I promised her.


The outfit was even skimpier than I thought. I had measured everything and was sure it fit perfectly and boy was I right. “It’s a funny one this one, with all the strings” she just said.

“Shall I lean on the chair?” she asked. I instructed her to pose the way I wanted. Whoa – her whole ass was onn display. Not really much different than going to beach, I pondered to myself.


But then she turned around and despire her complete lack of body awareness, I thought to myself to make sure to remove all mirrors on the set every time. This was a wonderful sight.

The bikini bottom was so incredibly small. It fit just right!


I knew it was going to be small, but I had no idea that I fitted it that well to her size.

I masturbated to these photos that same night. Twice.

Week 4

In principle, I guess I was supposed to move on to something else. Different outfits. Different settings. But I kept pretty much to the same standard as last time.

When I handed her the bikini she was trying for five minutes to figure out how all these strings even fit together to form a bikini. She finally found out and came out to the set of the week.


The way she posed, it seemed like it was just strings. I knew her nipples would be covered and there was again a little patch to cover her crotch. I had dared to make it even smaller this time – just to see what would happen.

When she turned around to face me, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was barely covering anything. It was even riding up a bit!


I almost blew it. “Is something wrong?” she asked. “You are breathing very hard. Should we get some fresh air in here?”

“Oh no, it’s no problem at all”

She was clearly still unaware of her body and the effect it had on me. Of course it helped that I had removed all mirrors, even hung a towel on the one in the bathroom.

“Is this the last bikini session?” she asked and I knew it was just out of professional interest. She didn’t want me to get stuck in one genre, but try some breadth and develop my skills further with more settings and outfits. “Next time and then we move on to something else” I told her. She nodded.

Week 5

“So this is the last bikini shot, right?” she said when she arrived.

“Sure, for now” I said “There might be some later, but next time it’s something else” I assured her. As usual I had removed all mirrors and she went to change came back and gave me the “usual” shock that I would jack off to later.


She must have been able to feel the bikini getting into her crack and pulling up. I had given an extra small one this time, making sure it would be extra tight.

I knew it was a big risk to take, but I couldn’t help myself going a little further with the poses and see how far I could take those. I told her today I would start working on poses and she nodded. One of them was her leaning back slightly like this.


Notice also her nipple slip that she was completely oblivious to.

And as before, her bodily awareness, or lack thereof, would make her completely unable to understand what kind of photo I would be taking when she was crawling on all four and I was taking a photo from behind.



“OK, so what will it be next time. You should really move on from the bikini shots” she adviced me. I nodded and told her it would be a surprise. Truth be told, I had probably tried to do another bikini round if she had not reminded me.

Week 6

I had thought long and hard, literally, about the sessions we had done and had to come up with another theme than swimsuits and bikinis. Just the night before, I finally came up with the idea.

“Curious to see what it will be this week” Serena said when she arrived on the set. “What’s next after swimsuits?”

I handed her a small box and said “Lingerie”. I was afraid she would say I was cheating but instead she just said “Great idea!”

image image

As was the case with so much lingerie, it was partly sheer. I enjoyed that, but other than that, I just made sure to practice my photography skills and use this opportunity to the fullest.

Week 7

“Still lingerie theme, but this time we need to practice outdoor lighting!” I told.

“Lingerie isn’t usually worn outdoor though” she observed. I was quick. I just knew I had to give a legitimate reason. “Exactly” I said “I am looking for the contrast in those two themes”

It was in a big cement field which is a tourist attraction on top of a bunker. It was 7 AM and I knew there would be no one else at that time, although it would be crawling with people in the afternoon.


Of course, I knew exactly what I could get away with now. She had changed in the car and then come out like this. Again, she was completely oblivious to how sheer this fabric was, especially in the daylight.

I did say I wouldn’t want to do artsy photos, but this almost qualified and if so, I would maybe change my mind.


Of course, I didn’t only do the artsy ones. I had to get some close-ups again.


“So what is it going to be next time? Outdoor again?”

“It’s going to be quite different” I told, still not fully sure myself what it would be.

Week 8

I couldn’t help but show some of these pictures to one of my friends and of course he loved them as much as I did. He wanted to send them to others, but I convinced him not to do that. Then he asked if he could join the next session and it was an implied threat, I guess, that he would otherwise send them to the rest of the class, ruining the whole opportunity for me, possibly failing my class and whatnot.

So I found a way to include him.

Serena arrived at the set, which was a barbershop that I had been able to empty out and borrow for the morning for my shoot. “Lingerie theme again” I said. She looked gorgeous in it and this time it was not too small. Just a little sheer.


‘”And this time the theme is movement” I told her. “Did you ever shave a man? Because you’re going to shave Joey”

“Oh Joey” she asked, surprised, “From class?” She was clearly surprised and I was afraid I had ruined everything. “He is behind with his own assignment. How nice of him to help out with yours!” she said.

In the next room she found Joey and started washing his face with a towel.


“He is also in his underwear” I explained “and that is a theme like last time. You are out in public in your underwear and some times it feels like that, even if you aren’t literally”.

I could see Serena pretending to understand what I meant with a thoughtful nod.


That idiot Joey couldn’t help himself and he grabbed her ass. Jerk.

“Whoa, is this part of it or is Joey being naughty?” Serena asked. “No no, this part of it” I said with great confidence. “It’s for the arts” I explained.

“Let go, Joey” I had to say, when the scene was over, because he was still holding on to Serenas hand.


Whoa, what a stressful session. I had learned a few important things though. Lots of stuff about taking pictures while people are moving. Lots of stuff about giving directions. And I also learned that “It’s part of it” was a strong argument with Serena.

Week 9

I decided this was the day to take it to the next level. I had thought out the perfect idea. It was a theme about protecting the weak and do my part for the society.

“This seems like a step back for you” Serena said.


In a way she was right. It was a simple bedroom with a webcam and not much else. No fancy clothes. “Oh the webcam? Don’t worry about that, it’s not on” I told and it was true.

The these is all these girls who sit at home in front of a web cam and do not think of the consequences.

“So should I get on the bed?” she asked, not indicating whether she had truly understood my mission here.


“Yes, and you are acting out the girlfriend who is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend and so she is playing around in front of the web cam”

She nodded and seemed to understand. I told her to lower her top and show her breasts to the web cam. For the first time, she hesitated. Before she could ask, I explained again “So because you’re acting the girlfriend and this theme is to show people not to do that”.

She still hesitated, so I used the magic phrase I had picked up earlier. “It’s part of it”

That did it.


Quite a milestone! It was one thing to take sneaky pictures of her in sheer clothing. Another thing entirely, to have her actually be aware of it. We were beyond bodily awareness now. Now it was about situational awareness. Clearly she put a lot of weight on “the arts” and “the mission” and whether things are “part of it” or not.

While I had momentum, I made sure to have he take her pants off as well.

image image

“Pretend like the webcam is on and your boyfriend is on the other side. Also pretend you are oblivious to the fact that your boyfriend might be recording this video and sharing it with this friends. That’s the message we are trying to share with this.” I explained.

I instructed her to lie on the bed and talk on the phone with her boyfriend. Her lack of bodily awareness kicked in, as she lied with her legs spread wide while taking the photos.


I predicted it would be so much easier in the future to get her naked during photoshoots now that it had succeeded in this session.

Week 10

“It’s back to lingerie week!” I said when she arrived on the set. She changed and was ready, but before she entered the set I stopped her and whispered in her ear.

“Psst, wait – just one thing. You do not have a problem with black people, do you?”

“What, of course I don’t have anything against black people. All people are good” she said. Clearly she did not want to identify as a racist.

“OK, go ahead” I said and pointed to the door to the set. Inside she found a black guy standing naked in the middle of the room. It was a friend of my big brother who had agreed to take part. “OK, so put your hand on his chest.”


“Maybe I should explain the theme a bit so everyone know what we’re doing here. Like, for instance, if you were a racist, Serena, you would not want to put a black penis in your mouth, because you would think it is unclean.”

“Right, no I don’t think it’s unclean” she agreed.

“OK, so to illustrate this, please put it in your mouth” I said. She was nervous about the whole situation. The guy nodded down at his penis, that was now erect. She slowly and hestitantly moved down until her mouth was on his penis.


She wasn’t sucking it. Just holding it there for the camera.

“Good. Now just sit on the bed and continue, so we show you are submissive, even though he is black. You don’t have a problem showing that a white person is not necessarily better than a black person, do you?” I asked Serena. “Of course not” she said. “I don’t think that at all.”


“Now for the next scene, you are not wearing the lingerie”. She hesitated again, so I spoke out the “cue card” that I had already prepared. “Like last week you were also nude. You don’t mind especially more being nude in front of a black man, do you?”

“No no!” she said offended about the insinuation.

“We’re just going to pretend here, for the camera” I said “So if you lie back and the you just gently place your penis near her vagina”


They held this position and allowed me to take the photos I needed. “It feels like it is moving a bit” she said and sure enough, the guy was very slowly pushing his cock inside.

However, he had enough respect for my project here, that he just as slowly pulled out again. “It’s all for the cameras” I explained.

“Finally, we have the scene where we show you eating his cum. It’s not like you think cum from a black man is disgusting or anything. It’s white too, if that’s what you worry about” I said. “No no” she said again. He jacked off in her mouth – or let’s say pretended to jack off for the camera – but the cum was real …


With still cum dripping from her mouth, she said “Good work, you are really dealing with some social issues here”. I was completely sure she said it with no amount of irony intended.

Week 11

This is the week where I almost lost everything. I guess I didn’t do my homework well enough. Let me just skip over the details and tell you what happened.

The theme was workout and it was supposed to be about how workout and sexuality is so closely linked, it might as well be the same.


I had another one of my big brothers friends interact with her and they did various poses together.


Of course I had her undress completely and I then figured I would try to integrated the workout with the sex. This was the first time I had her really have sex in front of the camera. Last time was more like “simulated” although in a very real way as well.

image image

They switched into different positions and let me just say it like this: The sex was very real. The guy was really just fucking her hard. She wasn’t objecting, but she wasn’t saying much either or asking a lot of questions.


He eventually came in her and I also gave some bullshit reason why I needed a shot of her sitting with the cum dripping out of her pussy. If I had paid more attention, I would have seen that she was patiently waiting and not really buying it.

After the guy left, Serena came to me and had a talk. “Listen, I am giving you a lot of liberty with this assignment and I am helping you the best I can. But I don’t want you to be taking advantage of that liberty by doing dumb stuff.” she said and was dead serious. “Last time you presented a real social issue and this time what – fitness?”

When she left that day I had learned a very important lesson. I had to really go for the hard issues to keep her on board.

Week 12

I decided to play it a little more “safe” this week. Well, not THAT safe, but be sure that I was on solid ground.

“You know how the #MeToo movement is about men taking advantage of their position with women” I explained and she was clearly on board “So this time I wanted to illustrate this situation by taking a maid – a classic womens job and people constantly disregard their value.


“Not a very usual uniform this one” Serena noted.

“Very good, exactly” I said “This highlights how men then look at women working these positions as nothing else than sex objects.”


I got some nice photos of her in poses in the skimpy, sexy maid uniform, but that’s it. As I said, playing it safe.

After the session, Serena had another talk with me. “Wow, you really listened!” she said “This is exactly what i mean. Perhaps you should make several sessions under this #MeToo theme?”

I took that as a clear invitation that I do pretty much as long as I put it under the #MeToo headline and I was going to put that to the test.

Week 13

I decided to go for the all-time classic #MeToo. Job interview. A male, typically white, even, would be conducting the job interview and a young, impressionable girl would be pressured into things she did not want to get the job. He has power over her.

Yet again, I had found one of my brothers friends to play the guy. I had prepped him really good for what was going to be going on.

I knew it would be a homerun with Serena. I had arranged the whole thing as roleplay, but as it was still just photos, I could direct them in my own pace.


“So imagine he is asking you know what you would do to get the client and that you felt pressured to say that you would do anything” I said.

I directed her to open her blouse. For dramatic effect, I had given her just a half cup to wear.


I had her sit on the table and let him cup a feel. She was really getting into it.


Next, of course, the ultimate sign of humility. Putting the penis in your mouth and servicing him.

Not only does it feel good for the man, as an added benefit for the power happy man, the woman usually gets little to no enjoyment out of it.


Serena didn’t flinch this time when directed to suck off this guys cock. I guess she’d become conditioned to that by now.

Finally, I had her sit on his cock and let him fuck her good. I wasn’t playing it very safe, but it was still safe. It was #MeToo. An insurance against objections.

I even had him sit in the “boss” chair to really underline the difference in power going on here.


Serena loved it. Not the action, but the political message I had. She made no mention of the necessity of it turning into actual on camera sex with this guy and did not wonder whether it was necessary for him to cum in her.

“You are going to get a really good grade for this paper I think if you keep this up” she said. “but of course … you cannot do everything on one topic, you have to develop your skills and cover enough ground. You are on track to an A”

Week 14

I thought this next one was easy but genious.

“So you need more outdoor practice?” Serena asked


“No actually”. I explained that like last time, this was another story shoot of a social issue. Really illustrating the sittuation with a story is the best way to go.

“Ahh, there they are” I said and a couple of my brothers friends joined us.

“So what’s going on. Where are we going?” she asked. I was taking pictures already. “Shh” I said “It already started”.


They led Serena into a nearby house and there was a barely furnished room.


“So the theme for today is really important” I said “Prostitution”. I explained how millions of women are victims of this every day and I wanted to show how it looked some times OK on the surface and voluntary, but in reality it was sort of taking advantage of women with no other options.

The boys immediately started undressing Serena and I could see her getting slightly uncomfortable.


I called her over and whispered in her ear “You don’t mind that they are black right?” she shook her head energetically. “Good because it’s a really important issue this one. Prostitution. Don’t you agree?”

She nodded.

She went back to them and they started groping and grabbing her. “Yes, that’s right, treat her like a piece of meat, like a prostitute just there for fucking”.


Both guys were rock hard and one of them sat in the couch and got her over.

She was pretty much ready for what was coming – or so she thought. Because just as instructed, he guided his cock towards her asshole. He had already lubed his cock and it was able to get in within just a few minutes of wiggling.

image image

Clearly it was hurting Serena, perhaps it was her first time in the ass. The sounds she made could not be captured by my camera, but it was still visible on the photos. Gold.

And there it is! The money shot! With her pussy wide open, the other guy could lean over and push his cock in there, while she was still being fucked in the ass.


I bet she didn’t expect this when she agreed to take part in these photo sessions these many weeks ago. And I bet right now she was not thinking about the theme of this shoot, but was busy enough just getting fucked by two rock hard, over sized cocks.

I directed Serena a bit. “Imagine you are being used

The guy fucking her ass stopped for a moment. Then the other guy sped up and I could see he was now cumming in her pussy.


Apparently the guy in her ass had cum too and now they were both just leaning on her while recovering.

“Try to look like you were being used but you were not really aware of it. Yes, just like that” I said.

She didn’t answer. It seemed she hadn’t heard what I said.

The next day

The next day in school we had a meeting and she asked whether I had everything I needed from the sessions. “We should celebrate” she said. “You did really well”.

“So did you!” I told her “you really did everything you could to make it possible for me to do a good paper and really learn something. Thank you”.

“Let’s have a drink to celebrate” she said “Do you want a gin and tonic?”

“Yes please – with a twist”.

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