Exchange Teacher in Japan

As part of my teachers programme in Bulgaria, I had to go to Japan for one month to learn about how they approach teaching in a foreign country.

The first two weeks were crazy. They had a lot of discipline and had a completely different approach to teaching than in Bulgaria.

However, the whole thing took a surprising turn when it was announced that it “It is nude day tomorrow”

“What?” I said. I never got an explanation but when I saw the students arrive the next day I sort of understood what they meant. They meant it quite literally.


I was completely speechless but was of course following the turn of events very closely. For professional interest, of course.

They taught the same classes they would normally, but at the end of each class, they would position the students for a small photoshoot. I found it very inappropriate of course, but this is how they do it here and I guess I am here to get exposed to strange culture. I was already thinking about how I could take this tradition home to Bulgaria.

image image

As you can see, the teacher here is also nude on this day. Appropriate under the circumstances, I guess.

The last subject of the day was swimming which they have every week as a sort of specialized gym class. Interesting. The teacher explained they always have nude day on a day where they would have a swimming class. Makes sense.


They would swim around in an organized manner for about 25 minutes and then it was time to have a little fun for the next 25 minutes. No, not that kind of fun. Just casual fun.


Eventually the class was over and so was the day. Everyone left and I was just about to leave too, when I saw three students lingering.

The teacher was there as well, monitoring. I went to him and asked what is going on.


He explained that they were going to have sex now.

“Really!?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “And what – does the school condone this!?”

“Sure” he said and explained. In previous years of nude day, we had many cases of boys inappropriately grabbing a girl on nude day. We cannot have that. Ever since then, we have arranged one of the girls to stay behind and have sex with the boys. That way the boys know that they will get what they want if they wait and the school day can go as planned.

Meanwhile, the two boys were fucking this girl next to the pool.


When he was done, the other boy got down on the towel and she started riding him.


“And are the girls OK with this!?” I asked.

“Of course!” he said “They also don’t want to be grabbed all day long by horny boys so they are happy about this arrangement”

“Even this girl?”

“Well, there are so many girls so none of them really think that they will be the one who is picked on random, so they think it is a good deal and most of them benefit from it. She knows she is taking one for the team”.


“Isn’t that a teacher?” I asked. “Yes, all the boys and all the teachers get to fuck this girl.” he answered, and pointed my attention to the nearby shower room. The entire class of boys were standing in there, waiting their turn.

“None of the boys want to be cheated, or we would have them disrupting class” he continued.

I thought about it for a while. “But isn’t there only a problem because you have nude day at all?”

“Yes, but it’s a tradition and it’s fun, isn’t it?”

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