Exhibitionist Wives

Lately we had some posts about wives and girlfriends who liked to go commando and accidentally flashed others, which is a big turn on for some. However, today it is about those wives who are exhibitionists and likes the excitement of flashing in public. Some of them like to be seen. Others like the excitement of not being seen.

Among the group who likes to NOT be seen, are flashers in public transport. Here are some examples.

“My wife takes it one step further. She goes out in just her jacket. Some times she doesn’t tell me she is naked underneath. Then all of a sudden she allows the jacket to fall open. That’s a lot of nudity. She was never caught”

Others like the higher risk of being seen and the ‘cover’ of being a bit drunk which makes it more fun. It is very popular among wives and girlfriends to go to bars with no underwear as we have seen in previous pictorials.

However, while some ‘innocent’ flashers are just going commando and are maybe careless, then most of these are instead deliberately taking risks.

“My wife always goes commando and there is no doubt that it is a game to her to allow passers-by to see her pussy and then watch their reaction”

Another group who is different from previous pictorials are those blindfolded and tied up at home. They all play the same game.

Get tied up at home and then when guests are visiting, they are ‘discovered’ and get a kick out of that.

However, this is more rare than the next category. It is something we have also discussed in previous pictorials because it is at the beach.

The lie naked on a beach. Typically wearing sun glasses, pretended they don’t see people looking. It’s not fun for them if they do it on a nudist beach. They go to a normal beach and then suntan naked.

It’s naughty but also innocent. After all, it’s on the beach. It is a natural place to be nude or almost nude.

But what I really want to share with you is one other phenomenon that we have not seen or discussed before. The term is difficult to pinpoint, but we are going to call it “held aloft” or “held spread-eagle”.

It comes in different varieties and are mostly seen in home parties where a girl gets drunk and stripped and then is held aloft while everyone is looking.

“This is my girlfriend. I am the guy holding her right leg. She was the only girl at a football match evening and our team won. We talked about what she likes about this and it is somehow the loss of control and getting exposed so completely”.

“For my girlfriend it’s basically her thing and all our friends know about it. Always when we have group pictures she likes to open up her legs for everyone to see. She is crazy like that. It is just for private parties though and the photos are normally not shared among our friends.”

But another trend, which is very similar, yet very different, is doing the exact same thing, but going to a public location like a bar. For example, Judy here and her friends, including her boyfriend, likes to lift up her legs and spread them in bars.

As you can see, she is also holding up her dress to show her pussy. A true exhibitionist.

Here is another example where Elizabeths boyfriend and his brother lifts up a leg each whenever there is a photo opportunity. It really lifts the spirits of the entire party.

Now, obviously Elizabeth is participating but she is also losing control when someone is holding her up. She cannot easily get out of that hold and she is at her most vulnerable. That’s the turn on for her.

Frequently at that type of parties, when the crowd discovers a girl is doing the “held aloft” thing, they will all gather around her and take part in the fun.

“My wife an I have done the “held aloft” thing a few times and we get a kick out of it. Of course we do it with friends and people who know us so they know our limits.

The most fun is doing it in a public bar because we get to see all the reactions of the other people there. Sometimes others join and hold my wife aloft and it’s exciting to see what they do.

One time, though, I was surprised to see, when someone was holding my wife aloft, that he had slipped his cock into her pussy. My wife told me later that she orgasmed immediately when she felt the cock enter her spread out pussy. And she normally never orgasms from vaginal penetration. Believe me, I know”

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