Fantasy Day

Today we are going to tell the stories of the fantasy days that husbands have been writing in about. Fantasy Day is like a playdate with the wife where they do something special, play out a fantasy.

They get to play out some fantasies, some times for both and other times for just one of them.

Naked Chef

Our little game once a year is simply that my wife will cook naked. It’s fun!

Bound for joy

For me it’s the day when we get to play some games tying each other up – well I will tie her up and we will have fun.

Many others play similar games. Here are their stories. DUM DUM.

I like her to be tied up in all 4 limbs. She is usually not that up for it, so just this one time per year, I get to have some fun and because of the blindfold, I can also take some photos and share with you good folks.

For me it’s similar, but without the blindfold. For some reason she did not protest when I took the photo. It could have been the gag.

For me the bed is not so much fun. It needs to be something else to make it really interesting and fun. Like in the living room. Then I can fuck her while watching TV. Delightfully naughty.

Outdoor fun

For me it’s fun to have some naughty risky naked time outside. In this case it’s in our own garden, but still it’s fun to have her tied up out there, you never know what might happen.

Me too, on this day I get my girlfriend to go topless as we hike through the forest. Of what fun it is to walk in a one-woman open blouse.

I combine these two fun activities. I like to tie her up outside. It’s exciting! What if someone comes by and see her. I usually walk away a bit, hoping someone will come, but no one ever does.

My wife and I go partying and on this one night, I can just pull her top down when I want and let people fondle her boobs. She enjoys the guilt-free fondling as well.

In our home country we could never do anything like this, but once we came here we understood it would be totally OK to have some nudity fun in public space. That’s why I asked my wife to streak!

I like to go to the beach and then on this particular day I get to pull her panties down as we are tanning. Hot as hell.

We go to the beach frequently but on this day I get to buy a swimsuit for her that she has to wear. I can say that it invariably gets sheer when it gets wet.

A generous gift

We have a bit different day. Some husbands are caught fucking the maid. My wife got the idea that instead we would fuck her together once a year, so it wouldn’t be cheating. I think I’m going to be a dad, by the way.

Bondage for friends

I find it really interesting to tie up my wife and then enjoy her with a friend or two. Once a year, when it is fantasy day, that becomes reality.

Anniversary – no, not that one

Every year on the anniversary, I arrange this for my wife.

Well, I should explain. She cheated on me a few years ago, so on the anniversary of the day she cheated, I arrange this so she can remember. We call it a cheataversary.

We have the same thing although we hadn’t come up with a name for it before. It’s an interesting day.

We celebrate cheataversary as well, but we do it with my colleagues, although just to keep everyone polite afterwards, we make sure she wears a blindfold.

Our cheataversary is different every year. Here is a pic from before we are getting started. I don’t have any from the action itself because I participate as well. There is no one to take pictures.

My wife cheated on me 4 times so that’s how I came up with the sensible idea of having 4 guys remind her every year. Makes sense, right?

That’s all, folks …

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