Feeling safe with the doctors

I feel so safe when I’m around doctors. They have long educations and they save lives every day. People come to them for advice and they can really make things better for everyone.

I’m feeling extra safe when I’m with the doctor, because I have two doctors!


They are always very attentive to me problems and needs. Today I’ve asked them to help me with a tummy ache I’ve been having.

“Miss Haley, we will help you with this problem. What have you eaten recently?” the doctor asked.

“Well, I ate some chocolate earlier today and some cereal this morning?”

“Anything else? What about earlier this morning?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Well, I did swallow some cum from a morning quickie with my boyfriend”. I wouldn’t normally tell something like that so lightly, but they ARE doctors, and how can they help, if I don’t answer their questions and do as they ask.

“Aha” The doctor said. He gently lowered my top. “During the morning quickie, did you boyfriend hold your breasts approximately like this at any time”


“I think so”. I couldn’t be sure if it was exactly like that, so I wouldn’t say that I was definitely sure it was exactly like that.

“You are not sure it was exactly like that?” The doctor asked rhetorically. “Then we’ll have to additional investigation. What was the first thing you did during the morning quickie?”

I though about it for a moment. I usually start with lubricating his cock a bit with my mouth. “I think he put his cock in my mouth and let me suck it for a while.”

“Aha” the doctor said, and unzipped his pants. “We’ll have to investigate that. Was it approximately like this?”


I sucked for a bit, like I had done with my boyfriend earlier today, but then took the cock out to speak. “Well, I did that for a while, but I also licked it a bit like this, while my boyfriend sort of fingered my pussy”.

“At the same time? Doctor Wade, will you please assist me with the fingering part, we have to recreate the situation from this morning”


As Doctor Logan had his cock in my mouth and Doctor Wade was fingering my pussy, Logan asked me “Miss Haley, really think now. Did your boyfriend at any point in this process, put his cock in your pussy and move it in and out, towards your belly.”

“Yes, my boyfriend did exactly that”. Amazing how doctors always know what to ask.

“Doctor Wade, if you would be so kind as to put your cock in her pussy, and we can soon solve this mystery” Doctor Logan said. Doctor Wade wasn’t late to follow Logan’s request, and put his cock in my pussy.


While Logan’s cock was in my mouth and Wade’s cock was in my pussy, I got to thinking how my boyfriend could ever have his cock both in my mouth and my pussy at the same time. I didn’t say anything. It would be embarrassing – of course the doctors have good reasons for this – who am I to question them, so I kept quiet.

But it worked. After this session, sure enough – a couple of days later, my tummy ache was gone. Thank you modern medicine.

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