Forgot the changed rules

I’m living in a room which is quite cheap, where a lot of other people are living in rooms down the hall. It’s not like apartments, because there is no toilet or bath in the rooms. It’s more like a dorm that way, although it’s not connected with any college.

I had been accustomed to living there, after having lived there for several years, and felt quite like home. My sleepwear consisted of shorts and net shirt.


Feeling at home as I did, I felt it was no problem to sneak my way to the bathroom at night wearing just my night wear. It was a nuisance to have to change just to go to the toilet and I thought no harm done.

However, someone must have complained. It was explained on a poster that by walking half naked through the halls, some men could get aroused and tempted and that was an uncomfortable situation for them. I thought they would be happy to get a glimpse of a good looking half naked girl, but apparently that was not true for everyone.

A new rule was created by the manager. If any man felt aroused by someone walking half naked through the halls, he could in fact to get the implied sexual favour.

This made me dress up at night when going to the toilet for a while, but one time I didn’t dress up and went out anyway. It went fine, and I went back to that norm. At one time, a guy even saw me, but didn’t act on it at all. I figured he was scared to do it or didn’t really think the rule was counting.

One day when I came out of my room at night, I saw something quite unexpected.


Oh shit. Busted. And they were actually standing there, expecting me to come out. I guess I had been too casual with my habits. I excused myself and tried to go back inside, but the guys protested. “Oh no you don’t! You better service us, or we’ll get you kicked out of here”.

I was gonna call them liars, but then saw the manager was among the guys standing there. Surely he was right. I was going to get kicked out of there if I didn’t service them. I looked down the hall. It was ‘just’ the 4 guys standing there. I decided it was really my own fault, which it was, and rather than become homeless, I would finish those 4 guys off. They would probably be so horny that I would be done in 5 minutes anyway.


Just when I was doing my best, a 5th guy pulled my shorts off.


I was too busy to stop them, but when they stood me up and all the guys saw my exposed pussy, I knew I had to do something quickly to prevent this from becoming a gang bang.


I saw down and sucked and wanked all their cocks the best I could. I just had to make them cum now, make them not want me to stop and get my pussy instead.

Some times a guy was trying to stand me up a bit, probably to bang me from behind, but the guy I was sucking off at that time would prevent him.


I kept all of them busy and worked really hard for it. I got one to cum, then another and soon after, they had all cum in my face. I had successfully prevented them from banging my pussy. Quite a relief! This could have turned really ugly if I hadn’t been careful!


Next time I’ll consider it twice before I go out without changing into something a little more discrete.

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