Free profile picture for Facebook

I had won a contest where the first prize was a free professional picture for my facebook profile. I was excited about coming to a professional photographer and get a really cool picture for my facebook.

He took a picture and showed it to me.


“Something funny like this is popular on facebook” the photographer explained to me “but remember, you will only get one of the pictures for your facebook, so you’ll have to choose carefully”.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We can take lots of pictures now so you have many pictures to choose from, but you can only choose one, remember that. That picture is yours to keep”.

I nodded.

He showed me another picture.


“So if I don’t like that one, we don’t have to use it?” I asked to make sure I understood. “Exactly” he said.

“Of course, these pictures are quite boring, they are pictures you could take by yourself. You should grab this opportunity to get some special pictures taken that you could otherwise not get” the photographer said. “Like one with a prop like this in the picture”. He pointed to his assistant who was putting his cock into the picture frame.

“Smile” he said.


“I’m not really sure I want this kind of picture on my profile – also, won’t facebook sensor it away?”

“They would normally, but in case you choose this picture – which is completely up to you – we will blur it appropriately and then facebook will have no problem keeping it on.” he explained.

I certainly liked the idea that I could pick just one picture, because I was not sure about all these.

“Let’s try one without your underwear – don’t worry, we will shoot the picture so people can’t see anything they’re not supposed to – also try having a picture where you’re holding the penis a little bit, for effect.”


I gave the biggest possible smile I could have. “But we don’t have to use this picture?” I asked yet again, just to be sure. “No, it’s up to you which one you want, so don’t worry about that now” he said.

“Try a naked one” he said and helped me get my top off “Even better, try one where you are simulating sex”.

“Well, facebook will definitely sensor that!” I said. “Not necessarily” he explained “not if we blur in just the right places, then they’ll be fine with it.”


I let them take the picture and gave a big smile, just in case I was going to want to use it – however, I couldn’t imagine that I would. It would be too embarrassing for me to have this on, even if it was a little blurred.

Although it would also be cool to be the only one on facebook with a profile picture like that.

The so-called ‘simulated’ sex was a little less than simulated for my taste, the assistant was trying too hard to make it look real, pumping his cock quite far into me.

“Let’s finish off with a very interesting shot” the photographer said. The assistant pulled out and came right in my mouth as the photographer took a picture.


I barely accomplished to smile in the picture, it went that fast.

“So now I just pick one?” I asked.

“Yes” the photographer said “It’s totally your choice and whatever you choose, it’s completely free. You can even change your mind at any time, because the rest of the pictures will be on our websites from now on.”

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  1. great story, I really liked it, but just wished it had more pictures :(. Again, only complaining cuz I think with more pics it could have went from a good story to a great one

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