Fun With Friends at the Pool Party

My boyfriend always surprises me with things such as flowers and some times things that are very, very different from flowers. Usually I am just up for it, because I like to encourage that sort of thing. Some times he misses the mark a bit, like this one time last year.

I was sun bathing by the pool at my boyfriends house.

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As usual, his parents were on one of their long vacations and I had the house to myself, just waiting for my boyfriend to come back from work, and we could take a swim together.

But this was one of those times that he surprised me.

“Hey Jenny” (that’s me) “Surprise – we’re having a pool party!” my boyfriend said. He had brought home a couple of his friends.


I was of course a bit embarrassed about being topless in front of them, but on the other hand, everyone has nipples, even men. What’s so special about them.

I decided not to put my bikini top back on for two reasons. It would be admitting that I had been embarrassed about being topless in front of them. Secondly, it would probably make them embarrassed too.


We sat at the table and started drinking a bit.

I noticed the guys looking at me while I was not looking. “I have a surprise for you” my boyfriend said. “Shaun and Mikey told me about this thing called a swinger party and we should try it out” he said. “This is a swinger party” I said in disbelief.

“Yes, it’s like we just all have sex together, it’s supposed to be really fun. Shaun says so” my boyfriend said. “Seriously?” I asked “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Did you ever try a swinger party before?” he asked me. I shook my head. “Then at least try it once before dismissing it!” he said. “If you’re sure” I said … he nodded.


I got down on the grass and was sucking their cocks.

I noticed my boyfriend was not participating much. Just sitting in the background jacking off. I got up to him. “Aren’t you going to join in then?”


“Well, I’m just your boyfriend, so that’s not what swinger parties are for” he explained to me. “Shaun says boyfriend and girlfriend usually don’t have sex in a swinger party”.

I was surprised at how committed he was to this idea when he pulled my bikini bottom string, leaving me completed naked. Clearly he really wanted me to swing with these two guys.


He didn’t even interfere when they really started fucking me. Shaun put his cock in me and started fucking me really hard. Mikey kept putting his cock in my face at the same time.

My boyfriend just stood there, holding his cock.


And one point Shaun pulled out and started stuffing his cock into my ass. At that point I was sure my boyfriend was gonna come break us up as a better-late-than-never knight in shining armor.

But thanks to plenty of pussy juices, Shaun managed to push his cock into my ass and was now fucking me ass. Mikey just kept pushing his cock in my face.

image image

Shaun came in my ass, cum exploding from my ass hole as he finished thrusting his cock inside. They both got up and Mikey came in my face and both rubbed their cocks on my face. Rather uncomfortable, actually.

“Sooo” my boyfriend said “swinger parties, is it something we should do again?” he asked. “I think we should talk about this” I just said and didn’t want to embarrass my boyfriend in front of his friends. In my opinion he had a pretty clear lapse of judgement.


It wasn’t the only thing that was a little strange about my boyfriend that day.

After the swinger party was over, he walked them out of the garden and then I saw that Shaun gave him some money. Apparently he had lent him money. He never lends money to people. Strange.

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