Game Show – Wife or Not Wife

“Welcome to the new game show – WIFE or NOT WIFE!”


“Today on WIFE or NOT WIFE we have a Joel competing and with him we have – his WIFE or NOT HIS WIFE.”

“In this show, Joel will gamble whether this is his wife or not his wife and have the opportunity to win cash prizes”

“For each hint that Joel gets, his risk goes up – he might win or lose bit today”

“The first hint is for $100 – Joel, go ahead and feel around the breast area and see if you can find a hint on whether this is indeed your WIFE or NOT YOUR WIFE”


“I am not sure” Joel said.

“Do you want to increase the risk to $200 and get another hint?”

Joel nodded.

“Go ahead and feel the bottom”.


“I am still not sure” Joel said

“OK, will you risk more? Remember, if you lose, you have to pay the entire amount for the next contestant to win. The next level is $400 and you risk losing everything. Will you get another hint or cut your losses?”

“I will move to the next hint”


“Now tell me Joel, feeling the breasts directly, does that tell you whether this is indeed your wife or not your wife?”

“Hmm not sure …” Joel said.

“This is getting risky – do you want to double it for $800? You might have to pay $800 if you guess wrong, but you get another hint.”

“Another hint please” Joel said.


“With her lips around your cock, does that seem familiar to you? Are you now sure whether this is indeed YOUR WIFE or NOT YOUR WIFE?”

“Hmm, still not sure” Joel said.

“If you’re not sure, you might want to cut your losses now and make sure you do not lose more than you can afford. The next hint costs $1600”

“I will take another hint” Joel said.


“Joel, having your cock in there, fucking this woman, are you now sure whether this is your wife or not your wife?”

“Hmm, still not sure” Joel said.

“But Joel, are you not worried what your wife would think if this turns out to not be your wife?”

“Not really” Joel said again.

“OK, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Joel has nerves of steel”.

Joel couldn’t help himself and came right in her pussy.

“Oh well, maybe his nerves wasn’t that good after all. Now everyone, these are all the hints you can get, Joel, now you need to answer to find out if you win or lose $1800


Joel paused for effect. “It is … NOT my wife!”

Bells ringing incessantly.

“You are indeed right, Joel, congratulations, but tell the audience now, how were you so sure?” the presenter asked, and Joel responded.

“I’m not married”.

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