Getting a Job – Part 2

After struggling for many months, I finally landed a job as an undercover cop. I had been caught giving an intimate massage and was facing prostitution charges but they let me become an undercover cop instead on a 1 month probation.

“Your first job is to make an appointment with this masseur – we will pay for your appointment” the cop told me on the phone and explained everything I needed to do and how to do it. When we hung up, he gave me the number in an SMS and I called to make an appointment.

First of all, they had instructed me to be naked during the massage, only covered by a towel.

And then simply relax and receive the massage.


He massaged my back and moved further and further down my back until he was massaging my ass.

I had been instructed to not move a react in any way, and not to correct the towel if it fell down, which it did.


After a minute of the two, he removed the towel completely and asked me to turn around.

This left me completely naked on the massage bench.

He dripped oil everywhere on me and started massaging me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. My boobs. My pussy. My elbows. Yes, everywhere.


Again, I had been instructed not to react in any way. If I did, the whole operation could be invalid and would have to be repeated. Or worse, I could be deemed to have sabotaged the mission and I would be prosecured on the prostitution charges I had hanging over my head.

He started fingering my pussy. When I opened my eyes I saw he was now naked and he started fucking me. The cop had told me on the phone that this might happen and instructed me about what to do in this case. Nothing.


In fact, he said I should try to make him cum in me to collect evidence.

And I was sure the cop was going to be satisfied with me, because I did in fact collect the evidence. And just like that, the massage was over, he said and he left.

I left the money and went to shower where I collected the sample dripping out of my crotch. Then I went outside to the car where the cop was waiting for me.

“Here is the sample” I said and handed him a little plastic bag with some white cum in it.

“Actually we don’t need that. This was just a test. The masseur was a friend of mine who owed me a favour and agreed to perform this test on you. Congratulations, you passed the test!”

Three days later the cop called me again. It was the same procedure as before. He told me a studio was under suspicion of producing pornography and he gave me instruction on what to do. He assured me that this was not a test and that I was not to break my character at any time.

The cop made sure I got the job and I appeared to my appointment.

I was a nice but rather crude studio. Not a lot of storyline here. They had just placed a big bed in a room and I haven’t had to put on my own make-up.


The male actor was a young man with a rather large penis!

He got up behind me on the bed and I followed the instructions of the director. Which was not much. Just stay on my legs and arms, ready for some doggystyle. Those were roughly his words.


The male actor pulled my panties down from behind and started pushing his cock into me.

It didn’t go in easy. Not because it wasn’t slippery, because he had put some product on it. And I was dripping wet!

But it was simply so large.



During the filming, the scene got as explicit as such things get. They were filming me and taking pictured my spread legs fucking up and down on this giant cock.

Horny as fuck, yelling and moaning as he was getting me closer and closer to cum.


What an experience.

And maybe because I was actually an undercover cop and not *really* doing porn, it was a sort of relieving guilt free way to live out a fantasy. I was just doing my duty as a citizen.

They thanked me for the performance and paid me and I came out to the cop car waiting.

“All done! Are you going to arrest them now?” I asked.

“Oh no, I can’t do that. Pornography is not illegal in this state”

“What!? So what was the point of that?”

He frowned a bit. “We needed it for investigative purposes. Please do not question our methods. And if you worry about the movie, don’t. This was ordered by us covertly, so I will be the one receiving the movie and no one else. So don’t worry about that…”

I didn’t know what was worst. The whole world seeing the movie or just this guy holding on to it.

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