Getting a Job – Part 3

I was walking on the street, minding my own business, when a car stopped next to me and they started asking for directions. I think they were asking for the nearest McDonald’s and I was explaining that they had to turn back the way they came.

Then suddenly, everything became black! They put a bag over my head and put me in the car.

image image

They drove for about 15 minutes before they stopped, pulled me inside a house and handcuffed me to something. Then they took the hood off.

There were two of them. They were apparently not afraid of me seeing their face, which made me even more afraid, because that could mean they did not mean for me to get away from here ever.


“Tell us everything” the woman said.

I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“You know what we mean. Tell us about your job. We know you’re an undercover cop” she then said.

Whoa. Was I busted. If they already knew, then why did they ask? I decided my best chance was to deny.

“There is nothing to tell” I said “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

The guy took his cock out and sort of threatened me with it, like it was a weapon. “Tell us now! Or else!”


“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

They continued trying to make me talk for a while, but I denied again and again.

“I think that’s enough” he then said. “I agree” she said.

“You have done well. We are actually working with the cops, testing you.” she explained “I think she is ready for a real mark” she then said to her partner.

Wow, this had all just been a test of some sort! Glad I passed!

They explained my mission to me. They gave me a badge so I could pass as a prison inspector and they told me that the prisoners were under suspicion of bribing the guards. They told I would be out of communication range and it would be important that I could think on my feet.


That’s me on the left, in case you don’t recognize me. I was dolled up good for this part to make sure I did not resemble myself too much to minimize the risk they would later recognize me.

After the guards left, it was my job to interview two of the prisoners and it was at this time, while I was alone with them, that the cops suspected them of giving bribes. I would then receive the bribe in this case and my testimony would be the proof required.

When we were alone, they both slowly and confidently started undressing me. I was completely taken aback. They also got naked and with their big boners, it was clear enough what these two sex starved prisoners wanted. This was very abnormal behavior to me. This must be what the cops wanted to detect.


It wasn’t exactly the “bribe” that I had expected, but I guess it qualifies. I wish the cops would just be straight with me about the mission they were sending me on. But then again, perhaps I would have objected in that case.

They were not going to stop at just a blowjob and soon after I was being fucked like I had never been fucked before. In my ass and my pussy at the same time!


I was thinking about whether I had to collect a sample this time as well just like last time when I was trying to catch the masseur.

I decided that I couldn’t take the chance. They kept fucking me and when they were almost cumming, they wanted to pull out and probably cum in my face, like they do in porn. But I kept thinking about collecting the sample and I made a split decision to ask them to cum in me.

“I want your cuuuuum” I moaned.

I could feel them both releasing their cum in me. Very satisfied, they put their clothes back on and even started filling in that form that I had come there to get filled in.

While they were not looking, I put the cum from my pussy in one container and cum from my ass hole in another container.

I checked out and kept the two containers in my purse when I came to the cop car with my handler waiting for me.

“Wow, that was something else” I said “Here are the samples”. I handed him the two containers.

“Samples!?” he said “What are you talking about? Did they give you any money or not? And what are these samples!?”

The End

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