Getting away with the money

"You’re saying you don’t know anything, but you don’t want to elaborate, why is that!?” the police officer questioned Belinda.

“Well, how can I elaborate if I don’t know what you’re talking about” she responded. She had a point.


Belindas husband was taken down the stairs and questioned, but was unwilling to give any answers, so they kept trying to get Belinda to talk.

“You know, you live here but you claim you don’t know about the drug dealing your husband has been doing. Come on, tell us about it, then we’ll let you off easy.”


Belinda did in fact know, but wasn’t going to tell. They had recently made a big score and if they couldn’t only get it, they could flee the country and live the sweet life in South America.

“I bet you’re going to claim that you don’t really live here but you are just some prostitute that he hired” the police officer suggested.

Belinda thought about it and realized that was actually a great cover story. Then they would probably let her go, she could go get money and take off with it. Maybe even pay her husbands bail.

“That’s right” she said “I’m just a prostitute, I have nothing to do with all this”.

“Right” the police offer said. “Good we could get that settled. Oh, one thing before you go, can I have a blowjob please, I’ll pay the price of course. Since you’re a prostitute I guess you shouldn’t have any problem with that”.

Belinda nodded and almost looked at her husband but avoided it as to not arouse suspicion, now that she had already aroused something else. She nodded again and got on her knees and the cop put his cock in her mouth and she started sucking it while her husband looked on.


“Why is it always you…” one of the other police officers asked.

“Now, boys, what I do with my money is my business, OK” he responded and Belinda continued to suck his cock. “Don’t forget my balls” he said to Belinda. Her husband almost jumped out of his chair when he saw her licking the officers balls and cock all the way to the tip.


“I’d like to upgrade this to a fuck, I’m getting in the mood” the cop said. Belinda almost looked at her husband again. She thought about the alternatives in front of her. Go to jail with her husband – or have sex once and be rich for the rest of her life.

She dropped her underwear and got up on the couch. The cop put his cock in her pussy and started fucking her. He was facing her husband and he winked at her. The husband knew that the cop knew, that the girl was her wife and cop knew that the husband knew this. It was a lot of people in the know.


The cop kept interviewing her while he was fucking her. “Do you get a lot of follow-up clients like this?”

“Sure” she said, playing along.

“Right, so it’s quite normal for you, I guess, that a cop puts his cock in your pussy and fucks you in front of your previous client and other cops?”’

“Well …” she said, moaning from getting her pussy pounded “I wouldn’t say it happens all the time”.


The cop went even deeper and started speeding up. “You actually like that, don’t you?” he asked. “Oh yes, come on, give it to me”.

She was so convincing that her husband was starting to doubt whether she meant it. So was she.

“I need you … to stay in town … because we need … to question … youuuuuuuu…” the cop said as he came in her.

“Sure” she said “I’ll stay in town, no problem”.

“I know” the cop said “because I’m giving you an ankle bracelet, just to be sure you don’t forget and accidentally leave town.”

To be continued.

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