This support group is called GGTD and it stands for Girlfriends Getting Too Drunk. We are a little support group that share experiences with each other about what to do when our girlfriend gets too drunk. It’s like an alcoholics anonymous but for spouses to women.

Here are some of the stories shared in the group.

I read recently that about 25% of all women go without underwear from time to time in public. So I am not surprised that my girlfriend is among them. But the problem is when she gets drunk, she forgets and she exposes herself.

Oh yes, that happens to me too. My wife will go out in a cocktail dress but not wear a bra and when she gets drunk, her nipples slip out and she embarrasses herself most of all.

I wish! My wife goes without underwear all the time and I like it, but when she gets drunk, she simply forgets. I have to take pictures during the party so she can remember.

Many of the participants discover shared traits and characteristics among themselves and their girlfriends and wives. This helps them understand that they are not so special and they are not alone.

For example, through the support group, they discover that many of the others have also gotten used to taking photos during a party so their wife or girlfriend can remember what happened during the night.

Wow, well my girlfriend just falls asleep all the time. Then I have to stay with her and basically the party is over for both of her. She won’t wake up so I have to sit around there for hours.

You’re a good guy. I actually just continue partying. Although some times when I come back, I do find some guys sneaking a grope or two on my sleeping girlfriend. When I remember, I take a picture so she can remember. I ask them to stop, of course, and they often do.

Me too.

It’s a big topic among the group how much responsibility they have for their spouse. She is choosing to get drunk and knows what might happen, so is the spouse really responsible? Opinions differ.

My wife does not fall asleep, but she does expose herself during the party – not sure if it is on purpose, but she is definitely not doing much of an effort to avoid it.

You guys talk about your girlfriend being groped in her sleep. I see the problem, but for me it is different. My wife is dancing with guys, and that is OK, but she is letting them grope her while they dance. Other guys see it and join in or what their turn.

Yes! That happens all the time for me. They will dance with her and she lets them reach under the skirt. I am so happy you shared that because I wasn’t sure I was going to tell my story.

At least they are dancing and things can happen in the heat of the moment. My wife does that too, but then when she sits down, she lets guys grope her pussy every time they bring her a drink – and then she gets even more drunk. Does your wife do things for drinks too?

Oh yes, definitely. My girlfriend will openly tell guys they can fondle her boobs if they buy her a drink. She pretends like she was joking when they do it.

Oh my god! Me too. But the upside is that she doesn’t pay for drinks and neither do I because she cannot finish all of them.

The support group finds so many similarities and also talk about strategies about what to do in each situation.

My wife also gets drinks and if someone gives her a drink, she follows him around and sits on his lap.

I wouldn’t mind much if it wasn’t because like many of your spouses, she is not wearing underwear and she is letting him feel around in public. Lots of people notice it.

A silence fell over the group. They looked around and several guys had still not shared anything. One of them broke the silence hesitantly.

Does any of your wives ever … do more?

There was slight nodding in the group.

Well my wife will let them grope her like you also told, but she will also quite often give a handjob to someone at a party.

More guys nodded in recognition.

Well, that is downright cheating someone said.

Another argued Well, isn’t letting a guy grope your breasts also cheating? Where does the line go? Don’t be so judgmental.

Yeah, my wife does that too some times.

My girlfriend doesn’t do that … exactly. But she does let them cum on her tits some times. They have already groped them and then they get hard and start masturbating. And it’s only natural to let them cum on her tits I think. I mean the whole situation is crazy, but cumming on the tits is not that crazy with everything else going on.

Yeah, well, if that’s all. You know, what I see is often when my girlfriend does that, other guys notice or they call each other and then she has several guys gathered around her.

At that stage she is railroaded and will continue jacking them off. One time I came back after getting a beer in the bar, and they were groping her tits and her pussy and she was jacking off two guys with another one waiting. I took a picture so she could see for herself how it looked. She said it looked hot, though …

My girlfriend does that too, but what is crazy is when she is really drunk, she will actually pose with them

In my local bar they know my girlfriend well and they always get her drunk and wait for the big moment where she will some times blow one or two guys and a few times she blew almost the entire bar.

I guess I am not the only one with this experience. Often I find my drunk wife missing and then when I looking outside or in the rest rooms I find her fucking some guy.

No one said anything.

I guess you have that one to yourself, buddy …

Everyone looked around, satisfied with the stories. “How about you, you didn’t share anything” someone said and pointed to a quiet guy.

“No thanks, I’m good”.

“It’s not mandatory to share, but it’s also not cool to just listen to all the stories and not contribute” someone berated him.

“OK but …”

“It’s OK, we have heard a lot of things, don’t worry, just tell us”.

“Some times” … he started

“Some times … when we go the wine club, my wife has a cleavage and when she gets drunk, she flirts with the waiter”.

“Dude … I think you’re in the wrong group”.

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