Going dancing

I work as a shop clerk in a health foods store and it’s really boring. I just stand behind the counter all day, barely any customers at all, just waiting for the day to end.

I don’t make much from that, but at least the work is not very hard. I just hope the shop is able to stay open with that limited revenue.

I always have something to look forward to. You may say my hobby, in a way, is to dress up and go out and go dancing. I like to explore new night clubs and one time I visited this new night club called Star with my friend Danny.


When we walked in, I noticed that I might have been a little over-dressed for this place. On the other hand, Danny was under-dressed, so maybe we were cancelling each other out.

I should explain Danny. He is just a friend of mine. Sure, we kissed once in a while, more than a year ago now. Maybe that’s why he kept hanging out with me, hoping something would happen. Well, I wasn’t interested in him in that way, but I liked having a friend to go out with. It would be so sad to just go to night clubs by myself.

I had barely had my first Metropolitan before one of the friendly guys in the club invited me to dance. Finally!


I like Danny, but one problem is he just wants to sit and drink and talk. I didn’t come out for that. I want to dance!

I was happy to see that I was not the only dance enthusiast here in the club. In fact, once I entered the dance floor, more of the guys starting coming onto the floor and started moving around, trying to dance.

Finally, this party was getting started!


Of course, when you are dancing, you occasionally touch, maybe your hands or you slide by when you roll in and then out. During that commotion it some times happen that maybe a stray hand graces your breast, but in order to not make it awkward, you simply ignore that.

I noticed my nipple was getting a little hard from the accidental touches and I think my dance partner noticed it too. Anyway, we continued dancing, and at one point a whole bunch of us were dancing together. Except for boring Danny.


After a while of dancing some interesting improvised dances with the guys, I figured it was time for a rest and a drink. I sat down in a couch and the gentlemen I was dancing with followed me down there and kept me company.

It was nice that they were not JUST in it for the dance, but also wanted to hang out with me afterwards.


One of the guys casually put his hand on my knee and that was OK, of course, we are all friends here, but I did find it a little strange.

At one point when he was rubbing my knee I felt it was a little annoying and I removed his hand. “What’s up, girl, are you ticklish” he asked me and laughed.

“Sure, I’m ticklish, so if you could not tickle my knee, please”

“Did you hear that, guys, she is ticklish!” and with that they all started tickling me everywhere.


“But don’t tickle he knee, she doesn’t like that” he said, thoughtfully, while him and everyone else was tickling me everywhere else, especially on my breasts. How did they know I was ticklish there? Lucky guess, maybe.

I couldn’t stop laughing from all the tickles and I lost control of my movements. I accidentally lifted my legs up high and revealed to them what I had only wanted them wonder about. No panties!


Of course, one of the guys did what anyone in the world would have done when they saw that. Tickle me!

So yes, they started tickling me not only on my breasts and everywhere else, but also right on the pussy. One might say they grabbed it! But really they didn’t, I don’t know what that would mean. But they did tickle it and I lost control!

After the tickling started losing effect I guess they wanted to keep it going and they figured that tickling me on my pussy would be the best way to do that. They held my legs apart so they could easily tickle me right there.


It tickled for a bit, sure, but the novelty of it had gone away by now. It was more like groping than tickling, now.

If I have to say so myself, I was being a pretty good sport about it. The tickling was fun and all, but perhaps it was exactly because I was being such a good sport, that they felt encouraged to try to keep it going. They had made me laugh when they first tickled me on my breasts, and I guess they wanted clear access to that to continue tickling me, so they pulled my one-piece dress over my head and off.

Immediately I had several hands on my breasts and nipples.


That essentially left me naked. Well, I say essentially, as if I wasn’t really fully naked. But I was. So, yes, that left me naked and available to be tickled anywhere.

In the mean time I hadn’t noticed that one of the guys had gone naked too. He sat on the couch and it was evident that had become horny from all these tickle games. Well, I had become horny myself. And since we were both naked, it was only natural to get on his cock and start fucking. A couple of guys still tried to tickle my breasts, but mostly they were just watching.


By the time we were almost done, I noticed Danny was taking pictures. I just showed him my middle finger. I knew him well enough to know he wasn’t going to do anything stupid with those pictures, he would just share them with me so we could laugh about this later on together.

Before the guy was about to cum, I got on the floor and was going to finish him off, when a few more cocks pointed right at my face, so I helped them cum as well, leaving me covered in cum.


Wow, what an unexpected turn of events. I came to dance. I danced. I got tickled. And then I fucked half the club.

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