Going with the tradition

I was trying on some different lingerie in the hotel room, when my husband walked in. Usually not a problem, after all, he is my husband, but he had brought one of this clients with him. They were discussing a deal and wanted to have a little glass of whisky in the hotel room. Meanwhile they found me standing around in the hotel room in my lingerie and nothing else.


I was in a bit of a pickle like this. I couldn’t just walk out, that would be rude to the client, so I was just standing around like this, pretending like nothing.

My husband called me over and when I got over there, he hold me he had a present for me. It was a nice silk band.


It was a nice gift and a nice gesture by my husband, but the timing was a little unfortunate. You see, we have a little tradition, that each time my husband gives me a gift, I immediately give him a blowjob. Just as a sign of appreciation. I had done this every time so far in our marriage. This time was going to be different.

I kissed my husband and said “Thanks sweetie”. He lifted his eyebrows and looked at me, he then looked down towards his pants, gesturing for the usual blowjob. “You’re welcome honey …”

I whispered to him “But your client is right there, let’s do it later after you come home.". He just shook his head in disappointment. Oh man, I couldn’t take it, disappointing him, so I decided to go for it. Give him what he wanted.


In the mean time, would you believe it, my husband was still discussing his business deal with the client. I could hear them discussing technical details. “So I get all the features?” the client asked  and my husband said “sure, why hold back on features”.

When they were done discussing, I was still not done with the blowjob and there was a sort of awkward silence. That’s when I noticed the client was not standing on my opposite side with his dick out, full of expectation.

I guess I can’t blame him – I had certainly not been discrete about this. “OK?” I whispered to my husband and he nodded. I understood. We couldn’t risk angering this client.


I was sucking both their cocks and as I did it, my husband started feeling me up. Meanwhile, so did the client. I flinched at first but then came to terms with it.

My husband was not going to just let this be at a blowjob. He started fucking me and at the same time I was still trying to give the client his blowjob.


After a while of that, my husband tapped my shoulder discretely. He kind of waved his eyebrows at the client and nodded a ‘yes’.

I whispered back at him “Really? You mean …” I then pointed towards my pussy with my head and then tilted my head towards the client. My husband nodded. He wanted me to fuck the client just as I had fucked him.

They both sat in the couch. I sat on the client’s cock, just as my husband wanted, but I was still kissing and caressing my husband – anything else or I would feel like kind of cheating.


That’s when something completely unexpected happened. I was already fucking my husband’s client … and THEN something unexpected happened.

Two more guys came in.


They started talking, also about the deal. “So we’re celebrating the deal I see” one of the guys said. “Did you guys come to an agreement” the other one said. “Yes, we’re getting all the features we requested” the third client said.

I looked over at my husband for hints. “Be polite” he whispered to me. I didn’t know what he meant. He just nodded at me and then nodded at them.

“This sure looks like fun” one of the client’s said. I looked over at my husband another time to make sure and then he nodded at me. “Come and join if you want” I then said.

They weren’t slow to join. One placed himself behind me, the other one lied down under me, so my mouth was just within reach of his cock.


One of the new client’s lied down under me. And I would say that he lacked some manners, because he started poking at my asshole with his cock. I knew it was no accident, because I several times guided it into my pussy, but he just took it out and tried putting it in my ass instead.

That was a no go – simply for technical reasons. There was no where enough lubricant for it to go in. He did give it a very good try, though, with the help from his friend.


He happened to have a little lube in his bag – he squeezed out more than enough started rubbing it on my ass hole. It made an immediate difference. The client under me tried again and this time the tip of the head kind of went in.

He lifted me carefully a centimeter and then dropped me on his cock again. Each it would go a little further inside, until it was almost all the way in. The other client was helping the process along.

When it was in, though, he had other things on his mind. He went straight for my pussy. Despite the fact that another cock was already in my ass, he had no problem inserting his cock in my pussy.


Out of nowhere, the client in my pussy came and the cum dripped out of my pussy, it simply gushed over. The client in my ass then sped up and at the same time, I was still sucking the cocks of the third client and my husband.

The client in my ass came and then seconds later the client and my husband came all over my face and in my mouth.


What a celebration! What deal this must have been! I was happy for my husband that he made such a good deal, but I would be more careful next time I am trying out lingerie in a hotel room.

Pictures by DDF.

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