Hanging out with Jane

I had heard that Jane was sunbathing in the park.


Jane was my next door neighbor. She had this secluded area in the park where she liked to sunbath. And whenever she was sunbathing there, I just happened to pass by. Why? Jane was very hot and always sunbathing topless.

I liked to stop by and just casually talk with her. The first times she was on her guard – why was I right there seeing her topless, but after a few times, it became more natural for her that I was stopping by. I guess she thought that I just went through the park at that spot quite often. She didn’t pick another spot, so I don’t think she minded a little company now and then.


This particular day I brought a bottle. Jane always complained that she couldn’t fall asleep in the park – she was bored when sunbathing so she always stopped before she was satisfied with her tan. So she wanted to fall asleep and get a good tan without getting bored. That’s why I brought a bottle with a sedative, mixed with some alcohol.

I offered her some. No, not like that. I told her what it was – a sedative. To help her fall asleep. That’s what she wanted, so she drank a cup of it.


She only wanted a mild sedative so she didn’t sleep to heavy, and that’s what I brought. But I didn’t get a chance to tell her that she only needed to drink just a quarter of a glass, before she had emptied the whole cup.

She immediately got sleepy. She thanked me and lied down on her stomach. She fell asleep right away.


I looked at her as she slept, getting a tan. When she woke up, her tan would probably be perfect. Although … oh no, she made a mistake. She kept her panties on and now she would get an unattractive tan line. It was probably her intention to take of her panties to avoid the tan line. Now, when she wakes up, she will blame me, because I was the one who mixed the sedative for her, which made her fall asleep too fast.

I had to do something so she wouldn’t get mad at me. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion, that I had only one choice. I had to pull off her panties.


Maybe she would be a bit confused when she woke up, not wearing any panties, but she would thank me when she noticed her perfect tan. She would understand why I had to do that.

I sat there for a few hours, reading, waiting for her to wake up and chat with me, when I suddenly thought of something. She would get a burn if I didn’t turn her over. All the sun was going on her back. She would be all red on her back and white on her front. I turned her over and felt pretty darn good about myself. I was really doing some good deeds today.



After I had turned her over, I noticed a few things. First I noticed that my dick was getting rock hard from looking at her pussy. Then I noticed that her pussy was getting wet. I hadn’t touched it or anything. I promise. It just got wet all by itself.

Why did it get wet? Who was she getting excited about. It had to be her unconscious mind that was getting excited. Perhaps her unconscious mind was thankful that I had cared so much for her, taken off her panties, turned her over and everything. Maybe that started something in her. I was the last one with her, so it was reasonable to think that I was the one she was getting excited about.

So was this an invitation? She was lying there naked, her legs spread and her pussy moist – I was right there and deserved a reward for my help – and she was right there, inviting me inside. At least, that’s how I interpreted it. Carpe diem. I decided to go with the flow – assume the obvious. I took off my pants and opened her legs wider. Her pussy was so wet, that my cock slipped right in. Maybe this wasn’t an invitation, but maybe it was. If it wasn’t, I would definitely owe her an apology afterward. But I was pretty sure that it was.


I fucked her. First gently and calmly, to avoid waking her, but as I got more excited, I started to fuck her harder and harder. She didn’t wake up – she was still out from the sedative. I had grown so horny from hours of watching her, that, after only a few minutes, I pulled out my dick and came all over her. I hadn’t fucked anyone for a while, so there was really a lot of cum.

She wouldn’t want pools of cum on her when she woke up, so I decided to rub it into her skin. It was quite sticky, but after rubbing for a while, especially on her breasts, it was all rubbed in and no longer visible. She was sticky though.


I left her now, and hoped that she would be thankful as I had anticipated.

I accidentally ran into her a few days later. You know what, she really thanked me – no kidding. She said it was a bit surprising to wake up without panties, but that her tan was perfect! She was very happy about that. She also thanked me for being considerate, because she noticed that I had rubbed sun tan lotion on her. I don’t remember doing that.

Pictures by Sleeping Bitch

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