Her own husband tempted her

Here she is with her husband. Mia had always been out of his league, but she really loved him and they married a few years ago. Jimmy knew that Mia was a little out of her league, but understood that as long as she wasn’t tempted by other men, they would have a happy marriage and live happily ever after.

However, today Jimmy had something different in mind. He had invited his colleague Mark for dinner.


It was very unlike Jimmy to introduce his wife to someone like Mark. Mark was what you would call an attractive man and the sudden exposure to someone like Mark, made Mia act differently than she otherwise would.

When Mark coincidentally was in the kitchen alone with Mia, Jimmy made sure to stay away and just wait to find out what would happen.

As expected, Mia was all flirty.


She still loved Jimmy, but should obviously never be put in a situation like this. She kind of let her arms press her breasts together to make them more apparent, she was laughing and some times playing with her hair. Very flirtatious indeed.

Then Jimmy played his ‘ace’. He went to the kitchen and said “Oh, we’re all out of pickles, let me get some from the supermarket. I’ll be back in an hour”.

Hearing that made Mia tingle all over. She didn’t want to flirt that much, but her emotions, well, her horniness took over. When Mark went to the bathroom, she went after him – and she went for an absurd come on. “Can you rub my back a little right here?” she asked Mark.


While doing so, she removed her straps and accidentally, her nipples were showing.

“Oops … you’re not shy, are you Mark?” Mia asked. He shook his head.

He rubbed her back a little, when suddenly Mia turned around. Her breasts were still showing at that point.

Although she hadn’t been drinking, she was almost acting like she was drunk. She kind of was – drunk with pheromones. “Hey, are you looking at my breasts!?” she said – it didn’t sound very much like she really meant it. “Only fair I look at your chest too”


Moments later, Mark and Mia were found in the only natural outcome of this situation. Fucking.

It would still be 45 minutes until Jimmy would come back, so Mia knew in the back of her head, that Jimmy would never have to know about this … but Jimmy was the one who set this up. He had planned for Mia to get into this situation from the start!


But why would anyone do something like that to their own wife? It sounds insane. Well, Jimmy is a clever guy – cunning too. First of all, he of course didn’t go for pickles. He went outside, drove the car two blocks away, then walked back to the house.

This was his time to come back in the house. Perfect timing. Mark had just cum on her face.


“Jimmy!!” she exclaimed. She was so surprised. “Mia!!” he yelled back. “Jimmy, it’s not what it looks like” she said. A worn cliche and really pointless in this situation. She had been fucked by Jimmy’s friend Mark. It was exactly what it looked like.

Realizing this, Mia changed approach. “Jimmy, my love, can you forgive me. It was a mistake. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me!” she said.

“Sorry babe” Jimmy replied “I want a divorce and seeing as you committed adultery, you’re not getting anything!”

“Anything? Anything of what? We don’t even own this small city house, we have no fortune, what’s there to get?” Mia asked.

Jimmy smiled. “I won the lottery a few days ago. $1.2 million dollars!”

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