How to become a ninja

It has always been my dream to become a real ninja. I am very flexible and athletic and I believe I could be a great ninja. One of the things that fascinates me the most, is all the secrets of the ninja. No one really knows how they get their cat-like reflexes. That’s what I want the most in the whole world – to know all those secrets. That’s why I was extremely happy when I won 2 years of free ninja lessons from not only one, but two ninjas. I was going to appear in educational material for future ninjas, which is why there were not only the two ninjas, but also a photographer.

Finally the big day came, where I was to receive my first lesson. I was psyked.


I came to training wearing one of the outfits that I had seen in one of the pamphlets in the ninja dojo. As it turned, I should have not assumed that I could choose exactly what to wear. The ninjas have many secrets and it was stupid of me to believe that I could just wear whatever I wanted to.

“What is that you’re wearing?” Thomas asked me. He was the senior teacher. I explained how I had seen the picture in a brochure and that was why I had chosen this outfit.

“Tell me Cynthia” (that’s me, by the way), “are you already a ninja master?”

“No, sorry” I replied and looked down, shamefully.

“Beginners gradually earn their clothes. Do you think it is a coincidence that ninja masters like us are wearing full fighting outfits?”

“Sorry” I said again. I was supposed to take off my clothes, but I became more aware of the camera. Thomas saw me looking at the camera and calmed me “Don’t worry, it will only be shown to ninjas, we wouldn’t want to reveal our secrets to anyone else”

Of course they wouldn’t, what was I thinking. I took off all my clothes as instructed and was happy that Thomas was now beginning to reveal some of the secrets of becoming a ninja.

“We have swords right now, but you don’t want us to start fighting you with those, do you?”. I shook my head. He continued. “A ninja should always be able to use his body rather than weapons. Your body is part of you and you must be in one with it”.

I nodded and looked down at my own body, trying to use the new perspective to see my body in new light. I found that I was not shy about the fact that I was being photographed at the same time, now that I knew I should regard my body as one of my ninja weapons.

“To start out soft, we will attack you with part of our body” he said and I saw his dick come out from under his cape. He tried to poke me with it, but I instinctively defended myself and grabbed it.


“Well done, young apprentice, you let your instincts take over and you acted quickly and precisely.”

“Thanks” I said. I didn’t think there was anything strange about this, although it wasn’t what I had expected. But actually it was in a strange way what I expected, because I came to learn the secrets of the ninja, and I knew it would be strange and different, and this certainly was that.

“Can you tell me what the most important part of becoming a ninja is”.

Oh, I was put on the spot. I didn’t know the answer, but I tried to wing it. “The secrets?” I tried.

“The secrets are important” Thomas replied, “But what’s more important is practice.”

He then began poking at me with his cock again, more skillful this time. After a few seconds, the second trainer also started poking with his cock. I tried my best to defend myself, all the while Thomas commented on each time I did a good move, letting me know what I did right.

After a minute, he took me by surprise. I was so focused on fighting off the cocks, that I didn’t at all expect it, when he suddenly grabbed me with his hands and pushed me to the floor. A few seconds later, he managed to poke me quite successfully.


As he continued to poke me, he lectured me on why this had happened, meanwhile I tried to fight off the other cock. “See, always be mindful of everything that happens. In this case, you were only focusing on defending yourself from the cocks, but forgot that all of the body is connected”.

He also explained that I could defend myself with other parts of my body than my hands, but that I should remember this was only training, so I should be careful not to hurt anyone.

As he continued poking me, I thought about how I could best get my hands free, but still defend myself from the other cock trying to poke at me. I got an idea – I grabbed it and put it in my mouth.


If this had not been training, I would have bitten it, but I just held it in my mouth to signal that it counted like a bite. The second trainer must’ve tried to get the cock out, because he moved it back and forth in my mouth, but I didn’t give up – I held it in there, sucked so it would be difficult for him to get loose.

Unfortunately, a few moments later he got away, but at that time I had had time to get my hands free and I managed to fight off the cock that was poking me from behind.

I was only clear for a moment, when both trainers grabbed me and held me up, leaving me chanceless. I tried to get away, but as they held me, I must admit they both succeeded on poking me. They actually poked me successfully for some time.


Thomas taught me something else, while we were training. “Being a ninja is not only about being a fighter, it’s also about being one with one self and with nature and understanding how to survive in the nature.”

“Some times you must act counter-intuitively to survive. For example, did you know that semen contains many proteins. When you are travelling with a group of ninjas, you may have to accept semen as a protein supplement.”

It made perfect sense and it was also beginning to make sense to me why ninjas were keeping all of this a secret. The normal society wouldn’t understand such logic.

“Let’s practice that as well” Thomas said and released me. As they gave me the protein supplement, they honestly didn’t make it easy for me to catch all of it, because they were pointing all over the place.


My first ninja session had gone well. I had learnt a lot of things that were very different from what I had expected. Next time there were two other trainers who gave me a similar lesson. Later that week, 4 senior trainers taught me about flexibility in much the same way as how I had been taught during this lesson.

All the time, they were continuing making the educational video. Of course, as promised, it would only be shown to ninjas and ninja trainees, so I was not uncomfortable about the camera. However, I was a bit surprised to learn that the ninja club was giving out free online training programmes where people could download the videos of me.

I was quickly improving and becoming a better ninja. I know that, because only a couple of weeks later, people from the website started signing up for private training lessons with me. All those signing up, got the lesson for free and the offer got so popular that I was training up to 5 people every hour, every day. Some times I even was so exhausted that I was sleeping while a training session was in progress.

I had finally fulfilled my dream of becoming a ninja.

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