If you erect it, you own it

We get a lot of submissions from readers here at Illusex and some of them are hardcore and others are more “erotic” if you will. A lot of people over the years submitted photos of their wives and girlfriends with little nipple slips.

It turns out some of those situations are actually more than just a little erotic and we are happy to post them here today. Here are some of the submissions and comments from the submitter.

My wife has a favorite bikini, but it’s just a bit too big and her nipples keep slipping out. She doesn’t mind much, but I enjoy watching her and to see how others react.

I like to get that little hint of an areola on our vacation photos. It gives it that little extra something.

I haven’t told my wife that her bikini just doesn’t fit quite right. I always move those photos to a special folder, which I am sharing with you know.

Editors note: We received way too many photos to put here and have selected one so you get the idea:

My wife likes to throw herself into the waves and I like to stand ready with the camera.

I got my wife a bikini that was just too small. She was too polite to mention it and wore it anyway.

Here are some more photos with similar comments from the poster.

When my wife is sleeping in the sun, she twists and turns and is unaware that her bikini doesn’t always follow her

I enjoy my wifes swimsuit a lot, especially when she takes a rest, then her breast always slides out from the side. And when she gets up again, it falls into place, so she never notices it. Hot.

My girlfriend loves going on the slide. She knows her breasts fall out every now and then, but she takes it as part of the experience and goes again and again.

Others are telling how their wives stay in their bikini to do other activities after the beach day is over. Doing things that the bikini was not designed for, like baseball.

Others tell about the exciting times when their girlfriends and wives wear a bathrobe or a towel around the house. And one story is very frequent.

When we have guests over and my wife is in the shower when they arrive, she doesn’t want to keep them waiting and instead entertains them while still wearing the robe. She makes sure they have drinks and are comfortable and she asks how their trip went and so on. And only then does she return to her room and change into clothing.

Here is my wife running a little late with everything, having just finished the shower, having to finish the dinner and then the guests come.

If our guests come while my girlfriend is in the shower, she will spend the entire evening in her towel and nothing else.

My girlfriend doesn’t entertain my guests but she does ignore them. And she frequently wears just a towel around the house, whether my guests are here or not. And … there has been a few mishaps over the years, but this one is by far the sexiest. Oh boy, my friend had a lot of excuses that day to go to the hallway where my girlfriend was resting and checking her phone.

We have stumbled upon a phenomenon that we were not aware of before.

Several women, some times encouraged by their spouses, have a policy that if you cause an erection, then you “own” it and are responsible for it. Some relationships they have this sort of rule at home, but it is more common than we expected to hear about that some have this rule generally for anyone. Maybe it’s some sort of political correctness.

We follow the rule that if you erect it, you own it. So some times, especially if my wife has a big cleavage, she will notice someone who maybe stared at her and has an erection and then she will give him a quick handjob. No harm done.

My wife will always ask guys on the beach, if she sees they have an erection: “Did I do that?”. If they answer yes, which I think most of the time is truthful, then she gives him a quick handjob.

Yeah my wife and I are in on the whole thing that if you erect it, you own it and we both think it is only fair that it counts for everyone. My wife will some times approach strangers on the beach. I wasn’t sure exactly what she asked them until I heard it one time and I think she simply asked if they wanted a handjob. I guess that’s one way to cut through the awkwardness.

My wife has a lot of “regulars”. They know that she is generous with handjobs and they will hang around and then mostly wait for me to leave and then ask for a handjob. They have erections and only later did we understand that we were apparently part of this “erect it, you own it” subculture. I guess those guys knew about it or maybe we sort of “invented” it in parallel with others.

One time when we were hiking, this guy approached my wife and pointed to his crotch. “Is this one yours”? he asked. We didn’t know what he meant. He then explained the whole idea about the “erect it, own it” concept. My wife ended up giving him a quick handjob, but we never “joined” that club again after that time. I found the whole thing a little ridiculous.

This new concept is not really something for me but my girlfriend is a strong believer in “if you erect, then you own it” lifestyle. Some times when we are at parties, I will find her casually jacking off whoever she happens to be talking with at the time. The result is some pretty strange party pics.

Because of the way my wife dresses, she “owns” a lot of erections. She likes to show off her new boobs and go braless. She often just wears a jacket and creates lots of erections.

She takes responsibility for any erection, no matter when. She also lets them fondle her boobs. That way the cost of those boobs, which was considerably, makes more sense. That’s how she explained it to me.

An upshot of this whole trend is that my wife has become incredibly good at giving handjobs.

So that’s it. These are a few of the photos that never made it into other stories or pictorials. But it was interesting to learn about this new trend of owning an erection.

Please feel free to send in more submissions and make us aware of other trends like this.

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