Keep the camera rolling

I always wanted to become an actresses. I know the hardest part is getting started. Once you are famous, the roles will offer themselves. So when I heard I could get a part in a horror zombie movie, I was ecstatic. It wasn’t a small part either – actually I would be part of roughly 30 minutes of the movie!

Of course, my role would be the stupid young girl that does the opposite of common sense – walks backwards and falls when the zombies are coming. Run upstairs instead of running out and away. Quite a classic role. And as with so many other zombie movies, the character of the stupid girl, would also have to endure some nudity. That’s not really a problem – lots of actresses have done that – especially when they were getting started. Hell, Cameron Diaz was topless in an S/M themed movie – why would I have a problem with nudity.

“And … roll”


“Oh no the zombies are coming!” I yelled, as the camera was rolling. Only now, when the camera started rolling, I noticed one of the zombies was naked. Quite realistic I guess.

I didn’t want to say anything stupid like ‘Oh boy, I didn’t know the zombies would be naked’, because that would spoil the scene. We would have to take it over. That’s unprofessional to do more than one take – the director would not hire me again.

“Oh no, zombies, please don’t kidnap me!”


The zombie actors were getting very ‘grabby’. Especially the naked one. I guess it would be stupid to make a fuss out of that, even though they did put their hands up under my skirt. After all, even Julia Roberts have made love scenes, and this is nothing compared to that. This is just what’s normal when you’re an actress.

In this next scene, the zombies have captured me and considering what to do with me.

You may notice that I’m stretching out my pussy. I did expect there to be a nude scene, so this is probably it. I expected to just be nude, and not pussy stretching – it’s sort of hardcore … but then again, this IS a zombie movie.


There were two zombies with me in the bed. I knew that the zombies had captured me and would now finish me off, but the director didn’t want me to know everything that was going to happen. That would ruin my natural surprise. Of course, they do this in movies all the time.

The director also stressed that he expected this to be one take only. More takes cost more money, and it would ruin my natural surprised face.

I was wondering what the surprise might be, when another more normal looking zombie came at me, with his dick hanging out. At first I didn’t know what to do, but I did know that I would disappoint the director if I stopped acting. The show must go on. So how should I react to this. I wanted to act well, so I grabbed the dick and yelled in horror. “Oh no, a zombie dick”.


After I had done it, I briefly thought of the fact, that I had just held a strangers dick in my hand. Then I snapped out of it and remembered that that’s what acting is all about. Looking like it’s real, when it’s really just an arranged situation. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the director smiling, so he probably thought I had done alright.

That’s when something really surprising happened. The naked zombie stuffed his hard cock in my pussy, while I was still holding the dick of the strange man. Boy was I surprised.


A lot of thoughts went through my mind. I did expect to participate in nude scenes in this movie, but not exactly porn scenes. But wait, this is not a porn movie, it’s a zombie movie, so they will edit out any graphic details. I once heard that love scenes with Halle Berry and Sharon Stone was also in fact real sex, just to make the acting so much more realistic. Who was I to question these professional film makers, that only do what the very super stars of Hollywood do.

And one more thing – the director DID say that he wanted me to be truly surprised and he DID accomplish that. How lucky I was to be in a movie with such a skilled director.

The scene continued in very much the same direction.


I thought they were doing it a bit much. Was it really necessary to have this much ‘love’ in a zombie movie. Of course, they may need to have a lot of footage, for editing. I heard that a 2 hour movie in average has around 200 hours of footage. That means, if this scene is going to be shown for 5 minutes in the movie, I roughly have to go on for 50 minutes.

I must say, that when they double-teamed me a few moments later, they crossed a boundary.


Was this really what it’s like to make a zombie movie? How would I know, I had never made one – I better keep going. Also, what if I stopped in the middle of everything. I had already had a cock in my mouth, my pussy and my ass. What would be the point of stopping now? We would have to do the whole thing again – that is if I’m lucky. If not, I’m kicked off the movie.

So I kept on acting, even though I didn’t exactly expect this when I auditioned for the movie.

I looked briefly at the director for pointers. He was holding a sign that said “Flee in 5 seconds”. After exactly 3 seconds, the zombies pulled out their dicks, and 2 seconds later, I got up and ran out of the room, and I heard the director yell “Cut!”.

In the hall I noticed I had cum dripping out of my pussy and my ass hole. Show business really is tough. I came back into the room.

“Well done” the director said to me.

Wow, I had really done well. Good thing I didn’t stop in the middle of everything. “Thanks director. I was really surprised at how this scene developed.”

“That was exactly the way to do that scene. One problem though. You did look like you had other things on your mind from time to time, so we’ll have to do the scene all over. Don’t worry, we’ll switch the zombies with fresh ones, so we’re sure they have stamina for this type of scene”.

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