Lost scenes from Lost – Extra: Emilie de Ravin

Claire was pregnant with her then boyfriend Thomas’ baby, when she boarded the plane. She was on her way to LA to give her baby up for adoption. She had chosen the couple in LA due to a push from a psychic to give her baby to them.


Emilie de Ravin, playing the role of Claire, was very happy to have this main role in Lost. She ended up being in 94 episodes of Lost. Before that, she had only been in third rate TV shows, such as Roswell and stupid Crime Scene Investigation shows.

Lost was obviously her big break.

As it was the case with Evangeline Lilly, the crew had to take shots with nudity with Emilie in case they would need them later. It was mostly the normal beach shots, where Claire would be swimming in some water, only to be discovered by Sawyer.


The director’s were also at one point thinking about including Claire in some sort of experimentation plot with “The Others”. It would include humiliation and torture scenarios. Those scenes were never shot, but they did do screen tests for those scenarios and Emilie de Ravin was herself on set.


In addition to different deleted nude scenes in Lost, Emilie de Ravin, as many of the other actors (mostly actresses) took part in producing various promotional material. For example, this artsy shot was made to promote Lost.


The deeper meaning of holding up the frame like this, is, as the show was, lost. But Emilie de Ravin was fine with this sort of thing, knowing that everyone else had to do the same thing. It made her feel as part of the ‘team’. In that way, Lost was a show that was much different than any TV show Emilie de Ravin had ever appeared in before.

Last, but not least, here is an outtake from blooper reel. The picture is from one of the flashback scenes where there happened to be a wardrobe malfunction.


Funny fact about the above scene is, that several months after the directors had decided to keep Lost free of nudity and sex, they had forgot all about this scene in the blooper reel and only discovered by coincidence much later. In fact, if you are lucky to find one of the first prints of the Director’s Cut DVD, you may be able to find this scene by going to the blooper reel along with the scene where Evangeline Lilly laughs so hard that milk comes out of her nose (she was drinking milk at the time).

This was an addition to the existing Lost series as a respond to popular demand
(popular is a relative term, but in Illusex context, it means 1 person or more)

3 thoughts on “Lost scenes from Lost – Extra: Emilie de Ravin”

  1. Thank you for finding this footage at my request. Do you know any other shows that did extra footage like this. I once heard romours that lost of older cult shows (such as Buffy the vampire slayer, charmed and firefly) often filmed entire episode like this incase they were needed. Do you know if this is true?

  2. I do believe that Charmed had such a policy for the first five seasons, in part to ensure the success of a show with 3 pretty girls and in part to keep Shannen Doherty (‘s ego) in check.

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