Mail order bride from South Africa

I certainly liked the packaging.


I had ordered a mail order bride online. I was tired of the whole dating scene and thought to myself, that it was time to tie the knot, to finally find a wife and I had found the easiest way to do it, was to do it through mail order bride scheme.

3 days after ordering her, she arrived to my house. I was happy with the packaging – that is, the clothes that she was wearing. I didn’t know whether she picked it or the agency did.

I had bought an English – Afrikaans dictionary, that’s the language they speak in South Africa.

I said to her: “wys my jou onderklere” which means something along the lines of, show me your panties. She did it!


She had a cute butt, I had to give her that.

I felt a certain degree of control over her. I felt I could give her an order, more or less, and she would follow it. I had paid for her through the agency and after that, she was flown to my city. In a way, you could say that I had purchased her, although, of course, this was different, in that she was quite voluntarily part of the mail order bride program in South Africa. I had made absolutely sure of that.

But still, I decided to continue commanding her for a bit, see where it would lead. “Duster” I said, which is Afrikaans for ‘undress’. I kept it short and simple – and she seemed to understand it.

After she had pulled her dress over her head, I looked in a drawer for a camera.


Finding the camera only took a couple of seconds, but when I looked up, I saw that she was undressing completely. I had actually just meant for her to take her dress off, so I could see her body, but this was absolutely fine too,

I took a few pictures and then smiled and nodded at her.

I asked her to sit down, but she just looked at me funny. Kind of weird. Then I remembered, I had to say everything in Afrikaans – what was I thinking, that she learnt English that quickly?

“Plaas jou gat op die bank” I read out. That should do the trick. Sure enough she sat down – but not only that, she spread her legs. But not only that, she even spread her pussy, right there in front of me. What was she on about?


I snapped a picture and then looked at it on the screen. What was that … I zoomed in. Then I decided I better go to the source. I went up to her and looked directly into her pussy. The hymen! She was a virgin!

Very good! They had mentioned that at the agency but I had forgotten all about it – I also remember not really believing it. After all, she is 18 years old so it should be pretty likely that she had had opportunities for sex.

All of this undressing, taking pictures, staring at pussy had made me horny. My pants were not keeping my cock in my pants any longer. I let me pants fall to the ground and stepped out of them and quickly pulled my shirt off, now standing in front of her with my erect cock staring right into her pussy.

I grabbed the lube, put a little on her pussy and my cock and then started pressing. She was giving a muffled exclamation of a little pain, but not to a level where I was annoyed by it.



I almost heard it, but certainly felt it. The hymen was broken. She was penetrated. I pushed my cock further into her, as far as I could – when it wouldn’t move any further, I pulled it out a little again and then pushed again, this time going a little further. I continued like this – god it felt good.

I could feel a familiar feeling rush through my body and out the end of my cock. That was the orgasm, as well as the physical feeling of semen leaving my penis. I hadn’t pulled out – I had just cum in her, less than a minute after penetrating her and literally less than half an hour after she had arrived to me house.

I stood up and observed as cum started oozing from her pussy.


Was that a good fuck? Hell yeah!

But there was one problem. We were not married yet. She had let me fuck her although we were not even married. By some standards, that would mean she was a whore.

What is this – have they sent me a whore, when I ordered a mail order bride!? Well, of course there was no way of proving that, especially since she was a virgin, so I thought of something else. I had in a way purchased her over the internet – and I reminded myself of the law that every commodity bought over the internet can be returned within 2 weeks of the purchase. International law.

I put her on a flight back that same afternoon and called the credit card company to return the money. After that was done, I called the mail order bride company and explained:

“I have sent the prospect bride back and taken my money back – but if you wish, I will be willing to receive a replacement for her in a couple of days … ?”

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