Marriage counselling

Vicky had protested slightly at first, but after I insisted, she stopped protesting and took her shirt off in my counselling office.


She had come for counselling for her marriage, but as it typically is with women bringing their husbands to marriage counselling, they don’t really wanna do much about it. The first thing to do for a marriage is to regain lost intimacy. This is why I need her to undress.

Undressing in front of her husband should be something she is comfortable with and my first step in cases like these is always to make sure the wife is comfortable with it – and the husband too.

As I convince Vicky to take her jeans off too, I even see the husband getting uneasy in his seat. He doesn’t know what to say and ends up not saying anything, but the couple ends up both seeming very uneasy about the situation. This could definitely be the source of whatever problem they have with their marriage. I haven’t even gone into that yet!

“I want you to take your bra off too” I told her. “But …” was all she said before I cut her off. “No but’s, you came here so I could help you with your marriage, so no objections!”. Vicky nodded but was visibly annoyed.


“Good, now get adjusted to the feeling. It should not be something you are afraid of doing. It’s natural.” I explained and went on with an explanation about how the inner self can only get it’s energy from inner calm, because any stress from inside will only consume energy instead of providing it.

“I need you to take the next step and undress completely”.

“But…” she said again – and as before, I didn’t want to hear her excuses. “Just do it!” I insisted “This is the first step to saving your marriage!” I told her.


“How does that feel?” I asked, addressing my question to the husband. “Pretty good” he said and looked at his wife hungrily. “See, you’re awaking positive feelings in him from opening up to him.”. I had not even interviewed them yet, I just jumped directly into this exercise, knowing that it many times means that we can jump past the first 3 or 4 sessions – it’s that effective in getting things kickstarted between a couple.

“Now, you must unzip his pants”. Very hesitantly, she went and did it. “Take his penis out”. She did so very carefully, like it was the very first time she had done it. “And now, show your dedication by putting it in your mouth, licking and sucking it”.

“But … I can’t!” Vicky protested and was almost getting tears in her eyes. “You absolutely have to – if you really can’t do this, then it’s so much more important that you do it – you HAVE to do it!” I insisted.

She did it reluctantly and started sucking his cock. Seconds later, it was completely stiff.


“Vicky, I want you to take a break now and lie on your back on the couch – and you sir, you should undress too”. They both did as I had instructed. “Now, Vicky, let him take you, right here on the couch. You have to do it to get your marriage back on track”.

“But … are you really sure?” Vicky asked, skeptically. “Isn’t there some other way?”

“I don’t believe there is” I said truthfully “from what I’ve seen, this is exactly what you need”. With that, she let him get up between her legs and let him push his penis into her.


“Oh shit, that feels sooo goood” the guy said. “Thanks man” he said to me. Ahh, at least one happy customer – but I stayed on target, made sure they got that out of it which they needed.

“Go ahead” I said, encouraging them. I could see Vicky was still very reluctant, but allowed him to continue fucking her.

I could hear him getting more and more excited, breathing more and more heavily. “Go on” I said again “Go on” … and he went. He grunted and it was easy to see he came in her because cum was even spilling out from the sides of her pussy – he came that hard in her.


“Whoa” Vicky just said “That was freaky!”

The guy didn’t say anything, he just leaned back and tried to get his breath back.

“So how is this going to help me get my marriage back on track?” Vicky asked. “By getting intimate with your husband, you will get in touch with your feelings and regain the sensations you had when you first got married” I explained.

Vicky gave me a weird look. “But wouldn’t it make more sense, then, if I had sex with my husband, instead of this guy that was in the waiting room when your secretary called us in?”

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  1. Continued …..
    One month later I saw vicky. I asked Vicky how her marriage is going on?
    “I’m not married, the reason we came to your office was that we wanted to have sex, but we didn’t have a comfortable place to do that. I had heard about your method of marriage counseling and decided to have sex in your office instead of hotel. Your counseling fee is much lower than a hotel room” Vicky replied.
    We agreed that Vicky can visit me in my office together with her sex partners and I am allowed to join them in their action

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