My Best Vacation

Probably the best vacation I have had or certainly the most memorable, was when I was in Southern Italy outside the tourist season with my then-girlfriend.

I don’t know I landed this girl, she was totally hot but also a bit weird.


She liked to wear swimwear everywhere she went, but would then just wear a thin shawl around it or something like that. I had my camera out a lot to take pictures.

We both agreed that whatever happened on this vacation would stay there and that included pictures. But we are not together any mor.

We went on a boat trip together and the captain was way in the other end of the ship, so we had a lot of privacy up front.


She was so sexy I couldn’t help getting a boner from this.

She noticed that and thought it might be fun to give me a little handjob here on the ship. Naughty. The captain couldn’t see anything and I was horny so we went for it!

Sure enough, she jacked me off right there on the ship.


In the afternoon after we had come back in with the ship, we decided to find a place to swim.

We walked along the beach for a long time until we found a nice secluded place. We got our beach blankets outs and sat for a while until she felt like going for a swim.

image image

I started reading a book and I think I fell asleep.

When I woke up, she was not there. I started reading a bit again and then I heard sounds coming from the ocean.

It was her – playing around at the edge of the water, apparently naked.


I didn’t know if this was a nude beach but I guess it was secluded enough that no one would see us so it didn’t matter.

I took a few pictures and another one as she started walking back towards the shore. What a hottie.


Even though I had just cum earlier that day, I became rock hard again and I immediately matched her outfit with my own – meaning I got naked – and walked towards her with a big boner.

I have never done anything like this before but I lied back on the beach and started fucking me right there a bit behind a boat but in clear view of anyone who might have walked by. Hot as hell.


It was a crazy first day of our vacation like none other, but the second day was going to get even more unusual.

We went on a long hike in the woods and near the ocean. Of course, my girlfriend was wearing just a bikini as usual.


We came to a clearing near the ocean and put our blanket down.

Then I discovered that we had forgotten the white wine.

My girlfriend was not happy – and neither was I for that matter. So I volunteered to run to a nearby market to get another bottle.

I left walking and sort of ran much of the way, but it still took at least 20 minutes before I got back. When I came back I saw through the trees an unexpected sight.


My girlfriend fondling some mans cock.

I decided to stay behind the trees and see what this would lead to.

She didn’t even bother to take her top off. She just wanted his cock in her pussy. She took the bikini bottom off and pulled him down with her and spread her legs.

He started fucking her.


They continued for a long time, maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

It was hard to know for sure how long, but I found out later, by rewatching the video recording, that it was 11 minutes and 55 seconds.


He fucked her from behind and she made little sounds of pleasure with every thrust.

I could tell from a distance by the way he was moving, that he was cumming in her right now.

They both got up and he gave her a hug and a smile and vice versa and then he went on his merry way. I watched her put her bikini bottom back on and then I came back with the wine.

“Ahh the wine” she said and smiled.

She said nothing else. That was it.

So she was pretty and all but a cheater. I figured she must have been some sort of sexaholic. It was good to know that she was a teacher. I was just with her for three more years. I mean, look at her.

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