My drunk roommate

My roommate should really be more careful. She is coming home drunk some times and then she is quite careless. Being so drunk, she falls fast asleep and some times forgets to lock the front door. Anyone could just walk in. Well, she know she can trust me, her roommate, but what about a perfect stranger, maybe someone stalking her to her home. He could walk right in and do whatever he wanted to.

No really, he could – you don’t believe me? Well, to prove my point, I have pulled the panties off of my roommate. Look, she didn’t even realize what happened.


I should actually take a picture. Just to show her what happened. Well, what could have happened. I did this as a demonstration only, but it could have been anyone. It could have been some stranger. OK, I guess I’m a stranger too – I’m her roommate, that is, flatmate really. Well, maybe flatmate is pushing it, but we live in the same apartment complex. What can I say – I take care of my neighbors.

In this case there is a girl that needs taking care of. She is careless and I have to take a picture to show her what kind of thing might happen when she forgets to lock the door.

A stranger might walk in and maybe even fuck her. Well, maybe not fuck her, she would probably wake up from that. But if she doesn’t. What if she just sleeps through it. I would have to warn her … but first I guess I would have to be sure that it is a real risk.

I had to nudge my penis a little bit against her pussy, to see if she would awake. Well, maybe just slide it in a little bit.


Not awake yet. Well, one thing is sliding it in, another is actual fucking. Maybe I should fuck her. If she awakes, well, my mistake, it was no real risk after all, I guess – but if she doesn’t, I would have prevented a possible rape by a stranger.

But how could I tell her about the risk, I wondered. It would be awkward if I just told her directly. Perhaps the best way would be to … uhm … oh yes … perhaps I should … uhm … maybe cum in her.

Yes, I’ll cum in her, that way when she awakes, she will know what happened. She will next time remember to lock her door. Just as I had decided to cum in her, I did exactly that. Came in her pussy.

She was lucky to have a neighbor like me. Actually, I had planned to make sure her safety would be high, that she would remember to lock her door. I’m a busy man, though, I can’t wait around forever to see if this night is one of the nights where she might forget to lock her door, so I fixed her lock up, so it would not lock when she entered. Well, she might have locked the door this specific night, but the fact remains, that she some times forgets it – whether she forgot it tonight really doesn’t matter that much.

Whether she forgets it any night at all, doesn’t matter – in fact, I’m not sure she ever forgets it. How would I know? But I am sure, she’ll not forget it in the future. That’s my gift to my neighbor. Hmm, perhaps I should look for some other neighbors who might potentially have the same problem.

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