My Wife’s Habit – Illustrated by AI

This is another attempt at using AI. This time the illustrations are made with AI and the story is built around it.

I love my wife, but she has a bit of a strange habit. Firstly, she doesn’t wear underwear, but thats not such a strange habit. Thats very common. But she just doesn’t seem to have any sense of what is happening when she sits down. Her short skirt rides up and exposes her quite a lot and she doesn’t notice or she doesn’t think about it.

Most of the time no one notices and it doesn’t matter. But some times I notice it and that’s enough.

For example, here she is in a restaurant. Of course, her legs are under the table so for the most part, no one can see what is going on down there.

The same could be said for when we go to the beach. No one would really notice that – unless of course they were anywhere on the eastern part of the beach.

The same thing happens in the park. Of course, if she would at least put her legs together, then no one might notice. As it is, every person who passes by, notices it.

I fully support her, of course, that she should not be ashamed or change her habits or clothes based on what other people think. If that’s what she wants.

Here is another time she was sitting on a park bench.

One of the places I actually suggested she wears panties is in the gym because thats a place where you do lots of stretches and exercises. She says people dont notice and she could be right, but here she is doing a squat in the gym. I think personally that people notice.

Some activities are fine with this habit, even if she does have that strange tendency to spread her legs when she sits down. However, trying on shoes is really a place where its not so good. She says the shop clerk is busy finding her shoes and everything to bother with all that and again, she could very well be right.

One place where she might actually be right is when we go to a bar.

It’s sort of dark in there and people don’t pay attention because they’re busy drinking and socializing.

However, once or twice she did get some comments from other people with some innuendo and I think they were referring to her exposure – but she didn’t get it.

One place that should be relatively safe for her, though, is at home.

There she should be able to feel that no one can tell her what to wear and be totally comfortable.

The issue is of course that she also does it when we have guests.

It’s not uncommon if I bring a friend home, that she greets us like that from the couch.

I know that she is aware of it because she is even touching it from time to time.

It happens from time to time of course that my guest will get horny and then my wife is a good hostess and gives her a quick blowjob. I don’t think she planned to do that. One thing simply leads to another and I guess its natural after she has already showed him her cunt.

Its good, I guess, that she keeps this sort of thing to within the four walls of our house.

We also have sex quite often. For example, here we are in our laundry room. Its just one of those things where we cant keep our hands or genitals away from each other.

She also sends me horny text messages when I am at work, some times like this with a selfie attached.

One time I received what I thought was going to be a nice selfie, but then it turned out it was someone else who took the photo.

I was a little offended that she was apparently having fun without me, especially since having sex is one of my favorite activities.

However, as she later explained, I had to also acknowledge that I was at work so there was no way I could have had sex with her at that time.

She also works part time as a nurse, mostly in the weekends. She is a registered nurse but not fond of working, so just taking a few days per week. Here she is, taking a rest on the way to the hospital.

And here she is after arriving to work.

Most nurses do not wear that old school uniform, but it is still an approved standard, so she likes that.

And here she is in the lunch room, taking a break …

Yeah, thats it. Not really leading anywhere, but its extremely difficult to get the AI to do what you want …

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