Nude Beach Display

Here is another pictorial, this time about some experiences our readers have had on nude beaches.

Story 1

There is nothing sexual about a nude beach. It’s a totally natural thing to be naked in public.

Just kidding. Of course it’s sexual. Of course, anything can be normalized, but if you’re walking down a nude beach and see naked girls lying on the ground with their legs spread, it’s going to be a sexual experience for you.

However, I wanted to to go the nude beach with my girlfriend and after asking a few times, she went along with it.

We went a little remotely and she got naked and went to sleep on the beach.

I enjoyed reading my book and noticing others walk by and check my girlfriend out.

Yeah, it’s not a great story, but that’s what I have.

Story 2

My girlfriend liked to sleep on the nude beach, but she never really got over the nude part. That’s why she always slept on her front and when she got up, she would immediately get dressed.

Still, it was a fun experience for both of us.

Story 3

My girlfriend was quite into it.

She would not be shy to turn around and I could see that she was even getting visibly aroused. I guess she was thinking about all the guys walking by, desiring her.

I think it was part of her fun to put a hat over her face to allow others to look and maybe to allow me to take some photos and share with you guys. I think I would ruin her fun if I asked her.

Story 4

My wife was shy at first but after a few times, she really got into it. Not only would she turn around but she would keep her legs fully spread.

Story 5

I was under the impression that people would be discreet on a nude beach and not enter without being part of it. However, that turned out not to be the case in the nude case my wife and I chose.

While she was sleeping, a couple of guys came up to and took a really good gander at my wife. Completely shameless.

That was a bit too much for me.

Story 6

My girlfriend likes to bring booze to the beach. It’s allowed and even encouraged. I think she is nervous about being on the beach and doesn’t want to admit it so instead she brings along liquid booze.

Story 7

My wife and I also bring booze, then we drink a lot and pass out on the beach, oblivious to anyone passing by on the beach.

Story 8

Instead of drinking, my girlfriend likes to do casual things, like get on the phone with her mom. It’s a big turn off for me, but whatever gets her there is fine by me.

However, I wish she could just enjoy the moment instead of distracting herself.

Several other stories also involved girlfriends and wives getting on the phone while being on the beach.

Story 9

I discovered after a while that it was not uncommon that couples had different degrees of sex while on the beach. For example, here is one couple that we saw on the way to our spot further down the beach.

However, I was more than surprised to discover suddenly a stranger ejaculating on my wife.

Sharing is caring, sure, but this was overstepping some sort of boundary, I felt.

Of course, no harm done, as such. My wife just wiped the cum off and that was it.

Story 10

I was also surprised to discover the trend that it was apparently not frowned upon to cum on random women on the beach.

However, I was even more surprised to see that apparently it was a turn-on for my girlfriend.

She seemed to enjoy it. So did the guy. And so did I, to be honest.

Story 11

I left my blanket and went for a walk and when I came back, I saw a guy getting a blowjob from my wife. I knew about the ejaculation trend so I was not VERY surprised, but still I found it surprising that random guys would think that they could just go to a nude beach and get blowjobs.

Of course, I can imagine the situation. My wife there alone and a guy coming with a huge boner, expecting something. Surely the polite thing to do would be to accommodate him. After all, we were not kidding anyone about nude beach being about sex to at least some degree.

Story 12

I found the blowjobs and random ejaculations tolerable, but I found it was more intimate in some way when they would cum near my girlfriends pussy.

Story 13

My girlfriend and I had fell asleep after drinking a lot of booze. I woke up when it was dark and I decided to wake up my girlfriend as well.

The sight that met me was one I would never forget.

She had cum all over her face and in her mouth. Apparently people had cum on her while we were sleeping. I knew about the tradition to ejaculate, but I thought there was an unwritten rule about at least waking someone first.

Story 14

I found it liberating that people could get blowjobs at the beach with lots of naked ladies, even if one of them was my girlfriend.

However, at times it went too far. They were lining up and she was giving two blowjobs at a time some times. Sharing is caring and everything, but we were also at the beach to relax.

So in my opinion, the blowjobs had gone too far, but I knew that others disagreed with me. And the nude beach is like a community and consensus rules.

Story 15

My girlfriend and I often got horny on the beach and would eventually have sex.

We knew about the established tradition of sharing is caring and blowjobs and so on, but just as I was cumming, I heard a man say “I’m next”.

We were both in shock and froze. Was this normal? Was this next level? Had I opened the gate by having sex on the beach. All reasonable possibilities. Anyway, the man did indeed fuck my girlfriend next.

Of course, we talked about later that he had no way of knowing that I was her boyfriend, so maybe then it was natural for him to assume that sex was in the air for him as well. For all he knew, I was a stranger as well.

Story 16

One time when me and my wife fell asleep on the beach after drinking heavily, she woke up and had cum oozing from her pussy.

Apparently someone had fucked her while we were sleeping.

We both agreed to go a little easier on the booze next time. Sure, sex is fun and everything, but we like to know at least who we’re having it with. Little piece of advice for you there.

Story 17

My wife chose to take matters into her own hands, so to speak. Instead of letting the guys come to us, she came to them. This was our fifth trip and we could recognize the guys who were there for sex.

“I’m going for a walk” she said. Then she would jack off a couple of guys, get a beer at the kiosk and maybe jack off one more before she would come back and relax in the sun.

Story 18

“Can you get me an ice cream” my wife asked me. “Sure, in a minute”

“No, can you get it now, please” she asked again.

“Sure” I said and went to get it.

When I came back I found her being fucked by some guy.

“What the fuck?”

“Sorry, I knew if you were here he would be scared away. I caught him looking at me quite a few times and when I saw him coming by, I knew this was my chance” my wife explained.

Story 19

For my girlfriend, it was very different. She just loves giving blowjobs, so this would be heaven for her. Lots of hard cocks to blow. I think she felt a sense of accomplishment each time she made someone cum with her mouth.

Story 20

I get the system here at the beach, but I still don’t like the people I call the “lurkers”. They’re the ones waiting for the guy to be away and then they come and fuck the wife or girlfriend.

Sure, sex is fun, flirting is fun. But this kind of deception is not necessary. They should not resort to that in my opinion. However, that is something I should talk to my girlfriend about. She’s the one who constantly lets them fuck her.

Story 21

For me the lurkers are OK. They are consensually with your wife, so what is the problem. What I really have a problem with are those that wait for us to fall asleep.

My wife was sleeping after drinking a lot in the sun. I knew there was a risk, but I had to go to the toilet. It is quite far.

When I came back I found that someone had fucked my wife, someone was fucking my wife right now and someone was even standing in line to be next.

I was not happy about this. She was still sleeping and getting pumped full of strangers cum. Even so, I did not want to get anyone awkward, so I just got in line.

Someone even got in line behind me. “I love this cunt. Fucked it last week too” he said.

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