One Week Delay

Some things are better left unsaid. I never mentioned this day to my husband but I know he appreciated what I did for us.

It was a normal day like any other. I was hanging out in the back yard before I would go play tennis later that day. But I never got that far.


When I came inside, I found two men waiting in our living room.

I couldn’t understand how they got in. My husband was not home to let them in and no one knew where the spare key was.

“Who are you?” I asked.


“Don’t worry” the guy said “Your husband sent us, we’re here to take care of business”.

Oh no. I knew my husband borrowed money from some bad people and now they were here to collect.

“We’re here to check the pipes” the other guy said.

Probably some mobster slang they were using to mean that they were here to collect the money my husband owed them.

“Sit down, talk it over” he commanded me.


“Oh no” I said “Is it today?”

“Sure as hell not yesterday. Of course it is today. It’s always today”

I knew we didn’t have the money and I knew that they would do all sorts of things if we didn’t pay up in time. “Is there any way you could come back in one week?”

“What one week?” he argued “we’re here now, let’s do it”

“It” he said. Over the years I had learned all too well what “it” was. But it was worth it – if we could get one more week, it was the best choice. And I noticed how they were looking me over.

I started unpacking his cock and at first he seemed surprised, then he shrugged his shoulders and they both whipped their cocks out and I found myself sucking two cocks.


I had never sucked two cocks before – I mean at the same time – and I realized I couldn’t really do it. They were getting in the way of each other and that was … counter productive.

But I had my ways. Quickly I dropped my pants and jumped on his cock.

That worked. Now I was on top of his cock and he lifted my up and down, fucking me, while I was trying to suck off the other guy, keep him hard.


At times I was distracted because I was honestly really getting a very good fucking.

He had a really long cock and it went all the way to my bottom with each thrust.


He was almost cumming, but instead of doing that, he pulled out and the other guy started fucking me. Meanwhile, he calmed a bit down and was able to hold his load.


The other guy was not so good at it – he came in me quite quickly and the first guy jacked off right on my face.

Moments later I found myself sitting on the floor with cum on my face and cum dripping from my pussy.


“So you’ll come back next week?” I asked, as we had a clearly done deal.

“Oh sure, we can fix the pipes then” he responded and the other guy went “Maybe you can fix our pipes as well, it’s only fair, ha ha ha”.

My husband told me they did come back the next week and he always said he thought it was weird that they came today and then returned the next week and I never told him that I made that happen for us.

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