Ordering condoms

“Here’s an unusal order” Jim pointed out. “We need to get a batch of 20,000 medium size condoms”.


Uma was new in office and had only taken care of ordering the main products of the office, which was different variations of coffee, tea and other commodities like this.

“Why are we ordering condoms”.

“Oh, I heard the company is going to start a little online business, selling condoms.”

Uma looked through her files. “Ahh, here is the order form for condoms. Only … it just states centimeters, it doesn’t mention what is small, medium or large”.

“Hmm … well I have a medium sized penis, maybe you can measure it” Jim said and handed Uma a measuring tape. She tried her best, but her method was not really working.


“I’m not sure where it starts or ends” Uma stated. Quite right she is.

“Hmm, I think you have to take it out and measure it directly. It will never be right through the pants”.

Uma nodded and opened Jim’s pants. “Like this?” she asked.

“Well, just because I have a penis, doesn’t mean I know everything about ordering condoms”


Uma noted the amount of centimeters on a piece of paper. Jim felt he had to make Uma aware of a possible problem.

“You know, the condom has to go on an erect penis, it changes size when it is erect, you know that, right?”

“Of course I know that!” Uma said. Then she looked at the penis, perhaps trying to will it to become erect.

“How do I …” Uma didn’t finish the question.

“Well, I am no expert, but in the past, it has worked with a little oral stimulation.”

Uma looked up at Jim. He nodded. “Yes, try it”.

She put her mouth on his penis and, to her satisfaction, it grew.


“Is it erect now?”

“Well. Sort of…”

“Well is it or isn’t it?” Uma demanded to know.

“Honestly” Jim lied “the only times when I’m sure it’s completely erect is when it’s in a nice tight pussy.”

“I don’t know” …

“What’s the big deal” Jim argued “it’s not like we’re having sex or anything, it’s just so you can get the order right”

Uma nodded. “OK, but no sex, OK?”

“OK” Jim agreed. Uma got on the table and Jim inserted his cock in her very tights pussy.


“Is it erect yet?” Uma asked.

“Wait a minute, let me make absolutely sure” Jim said, as he moved his cock in and out of Uma’s tight pussy.

“How about now?” Uma asked a few minutes later. Jim couldn’t really drag it out much longer. “OK sure, it’s erect now.” He pulled it out and Uma quickly measured his cock.

“Ahh, so 13 centimeters is what I need to order” Uma concluded.

“That may be” Jim said “But first, let’s make absolutely sure”. He put his cock back in Uma’s pussy and started fucking her.

“What, why, was it not erect?” Uma asked.

“I think so, but wait a minute” Jim answered as he continued fucking her.


Jim could feel that he would be coming any moment now. When he came in her pussy, he quickly pulled out with cum still flowing from his penis. “Quickly, measure it!” he said.

Uma hurriedly measured it. “Still 13 centimeters”.

“Ahh, good, then it was correct before. It would be a pity to order 20,000 condoms in the wrong size. Good thing we made sure”.

“Hmm … yes”.

“By the way” Jim said “I signed us up for quality control on this batch, I hope you don’t mind”.

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