Our Unforgettable Vacation

Finally! We got away from the busy jobs and left the kids at home. It had been years since we were on vacation together, just the two of us. More than 10+ years in fact.

I had been reluctant to take the time off at this time in my career, but my wife wanted us to go on this vacation. As a joke I suggested that if we go, I would get to choose her wardrobe. Surprisingly, she agreed. I am not sure she knew what I had in mind.

I observed my wife in the dinner dress I had picked out for her. Her breasts had grown since we got the kids and somehow they just stayed that size. On this vacation I was going to show them off and my wife was aware of it of course.

We had a wonderful dinner that day and my wife turned a lot of heads. Not bad for a woman in her late 30s.

After dinner we went back to our room. I saw there what no one else did – her perfect tits under her dress. We had amazing sex that night and I was dreaming and fantasizing of the next day.

When we woke up, we planned to go to the park. I figured her yellow summer dress would be perfect for a walk in the park and I laid it out for her.

She wore it well and I enjoyed the weather, the beer and the view.

After the park, we decided to go and get a cup of coffee.

We decided it was time to have some fun and had a ride in the rollercoaster nearby.

She was braless and I don’t know if it was the cold wind or the excitement, but her nipples were suddenly poking through her dress. It was hot as hell. She didn’t notice herself but others did for sure. Saw lots of guys doing a double take.

It had been a long day and we went back to the restaurant to rest. We had some dinner and a drink.

There was something about sitting at a table that was always fun with my wife, depending on what clothes she wore.

It had been an amazing day and it was time to go back to the room.

I caught a glimpse of her in the shower and almost came right there, but I managed to hold it in and we had another amazing night of sex and fantasy.

I was inspired to try something more the next day …

“It’s time for the beach” I said and threw her swimsuit to her.

It was a white stylish swimsuit and she wore it really well.

“No need to wear your dress on top, we will go directly to the beach” I instructed her. Our hotel was near the beach and it was a short walk there.

Once at the beach, I suggested we immediately take a dip to cool down before returning to our beach towels to relax with some drinks.

The water was a little cold at first but then we got used to it, had some fun in the water and returned to our beach towel. I came up a bit before her and as I saw her return, I knew that my not-so-clever plan had succeeded.

Yes, that’s right, after being in the water, her swimsuit was, let’s say, somewhat see-through.

She might have been subconsciously shy about it, maybe that is why she decided to put her headscarf on. I decided not to comment on it.

She decided to take a nap and somehow her swimsuit stayed wet around her crotch area. I guess that is natural. She relaxed there and gave passers-by quite a view.

When she woke up, I didn’t want to give her too much time to think. “OK, let’s go, we have more to do. Take this and let’s go” I said and handed her a plastic bag and then we left to the bar.

We arrived at the bar and got a beer and enjoyed it in the sun.

I sat down and she stood in the bar. A man came up to her and started chatting her up and playfully touched her.

I figured it was time to move on and we went to an indoor bar nearby. Her swimsuit was drying up but it was still keeping things interesting.

It was getting late again and we got roomservice that evening. I had her answer the door in her birthday suit – when she refused, I compromised, as you do in any good marriage, and told her she could put her headscarf on – then I reminded her about our deal.

She had fun with it and so did the dude who brought the food.

My wife thought that I had taken it as far today as I planned, but nothing could be further from the truth. However, I was not going to strut her naked around through the city. It’s my wife after all. So I was going to go a bit further with it, but still stay relatively safe and reasonable.

The next day we went to the beach and once I arrived, I threw her “swimsuit” to her. It was just a pair of white panties.

She hesitated as she took her top off at the beach. “Are you sure about this?” she asked. I nodded.

I had seen her breasts in the dark hotel room, but never in the glory of a fully lit beach. This was worth it all!

We decided to lie down and relax for a while. It was fun to watch the few guys who were walking back and forth.

“Are you thirsty?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Why don’t we go to the bar and get a beer?”

“Will you get it?” she asked

“Sure, but why don’t you join me?”

She could tell I was insisting. She gave a deep sigh and came with me.

We entered the bar and my wife was still topless. I had checked beforehand that this was not against any policy of the bar. We got a beer and enjoyed it. I noticed she was drinking it very fast and the bartender immediately gave her another one and she drank half of that as well.

After the first beer she sat on the bar stool.

After the second beer, she withdrew to the couch.

I noticed her panties were getting wetter, the more drunk she was getting. I figured she was getting horny.

“You might as well take those off, why not?” I asked and pointed to her panties. She shrugged her shoulders and pulled them off.

We kept drinking and having fun. The flirting increased somewhat, but people were unsure what was going on and kept a distance a bit.

“Sit with your legs a little more spread” I suggested. “Hey, that wasn’t part of the deal!” she objected. “No” I admitted “but you know you want to.”

Not only did she start spreading her legs, she also started fondling her breasts.

“I’ll just get us another beer, will you be OK here?”

“Sure” she said.

When I got to the bar, this guy wouldn’t leave me alone, kept talking to me, so it took a while. As I came back with two beers.

I found my wife with cum dripping from her pussy…

…so that’s when I figured we had probably gone far enough this time.

I had been a great vacation, certainly one to remember, at least for me because it was a little more fuzzy for my wife as she might have had a bit too much to drink.

This has been another AI image generation experiment.

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