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If you have followed Illusex for a while, you will have noticed a certain trend. We see it from our side based on submissions but you can see it too if you follow the stories.

It’s about being “Party Entertainment” and at the same time a lot of women get to live out some of their dreams and fantasies without judgement.

It’s a fact of our society, that if a girl fucks a lot of guys just for fun, she is considered a slut. But what if she doesn’t have a choice? Then it’s guilt free, isn’t it?

For example, observe the following photo.

What would you think if you were at a party and saw this girl in the corner, tied and blindfolded like that? You would probably be entertained first of all. That’s like a modern work of art, that is.

Secondly, you would maybe feel pity for her. You would think that she had no fault in getting in that situation and you would not think of her as a slut or anything like that.

So getting tied like that is a way for women to guilt-free live out some fantasies.

Here is another example – notice that the girl is gagged in this example.

She is very turned on by this, but notice that because she is not wearing a blindfold, you can clearly see that she is alert and aware of the situation and actually into it.

So just a gag like that is not a very popular method of living out this fantasy.

What is the fantasy, by the way? You may wonder that. Well, it’s a fantasy of losing control and being naked and an object of desire for many people. That’s why a private party is great for this because it’s also a safe environment.

If you’re a little smart, you already figured out the solution … both gag and blindfold at the same time!

Yes! You’re right. But does this woman look comfortable? That’s not the point of course, but she doesn’t and she isn’t. So although this works great for the fantasy, it’s not a very popular choice either.

Just to show another example – here is a girl who is also living the dream, but not very comfortable.

That’s why another trend is coming up and as recipients of all these photos of fantasies from you guys, we may be among the first to catch it. Which makes you second! Not bad.

To illustrate the trend, observe this photo.

Clearly she passed out on the couch in the middle of the party and then some fun-loving friend lifted her blouse and skirt. Or did she? Can you actually see if she passed out?

In fact she is just resting and she had an agreement with her boyfriend that as soon as she would be resting, he would expose her and she could relax and be comfortable and live out her fantasy at the same time. Clever!

Here is another woman who “passed out” on the couch.

Notice that there is some cum on her. This is all part of the fantasy, of course. Remember, she wants to feel like an object of desire and what better manifestation of desire exists than cum?

Likewise, another woman likes to pretend to go to bed, but then leave the door wide open and get half-naked on the bed, hoping someone will discover her. Of course, they might not just cum ON her.

Some misunderstanding are also bound to happen with these games. For example, a woman who usually likes to play this game had actually just fallen asleep and was done partying.

Someone else figured she was playing this fantasy and played along, although he had to lower her panties first.

For some girls, the excitement is the public nudity and they make a point out of “passing out” in the living room where the party is going on. This is high-risk and high-reward. And they usually get some sex out of it, again, completely guilt-free, as they are pretending to be asleep.

Another fun misunderstanding is when a girl IS playing this game and PRETENDING to fall asleep, and then she ACTUALLY falls asleep. In one of those cases, she might have stopped the fun before it escalated, but as she was really passed out, she couldn’t do it in that case.

Sleeping or pretending to be passed out is a popular way of avoiding guilt, but there are other creative ways as seen in the following examples.

Probably the most popular, after the sleep trick, is blindfolds.

For example, this girls is blindfolded and some of the party guests will go up to her and fondle her as part of the entertainment.

Now, as she is blindfolded, who is to say that it is not only her boyfriend who fondles her. She can pretend that she thinks that and avoid the guilt that way.

The same applies to this variation where a wife is tied and blindfolded. Some guests may come and fuck her but each time it is a possibility that it is actually her husband that fucks her and she can pretend that she thinks it’s her husband every time.

Here is another ‘honorable mention’ that uses the blindfold to live out this fantasy.

And another …

You see, it’s a quite popular game they play. We have far more than we can put in this post.

You may not believe it but we have yet another category.

What is another guilt-free way of living out fantasies of being exposed and sex? Being forced, of course! If you are forced, then you don’t have a choice and without a choice you don’t have guilt. This is of course something that needs to be done with great care and with a safe-word or other prior arrangement to do it in a safe manner.

For example, here are some girls having fun stripping another girl. They know she likes it, which is evident, of course.

Same here.

Would you say this girl is slutty? She is getting stripped, seemingly against her will. So that doesn’t make her slutty. She is just a victim. Of course, it is all part of a game, so she is not a real victim, but she gets to play the game of being exposed without the burden of guilt. Brilliant.

Here is another example and of course, again, clearly they are all having fun.

One warning, though, inspired by this photo.

Make sure the person who knows the safe word, typically the husband, is not tied up and gagged while playing this game…

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