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Here are some more “left overs” from other pictorials. These did not fit into any category but they were also too good or funny not to pass on.

So there is no real theme here, but I hope you will enjoy these …

I bought this funny dress for my wife. She gets a lot of laughs and attention from it.

We were at a party where they had different games and you could win a lot of points which could be converted to prizes. As the day went by, people became more and more enthusiastic about winning. One of the games was a measuring device for boobs and you got more points, the larger boobs you had.

This photo is really funny out of context. My girlfriend was at an art class and when I came to pick her up, she was starting intensely on this penis that she was trying to draw. Of course, it is natural in a drawing class to draw bodies, but out of context this photo is really funny.

This is actually a screengrab I did. I entered into a meeting about 10 minutes early. I saw that Adeena, our accountant from India, was already waiting in the lobby. I admitted her to the meeting and apparently it was sooner than she had expected because she had not yet worn her “webcam” clothes. Because she was already waiting in the lobby, the camera was automatically enabled as soon as I admitted her into the meeting.

Although it is almost impossible to tell, this photo is actually of my ex-girlfriends vagina. We were just having some fun on a vacation. This is taken in our hotel room.

One time when I came home after being out late, I found my girlfriend on the couch like this. I assume she had been masturbating and then fell asleep. I also assumed she would have done it in the privacy of our bedroom if she had anything against pictured being taken of her.

I just want to share this photo of my wife flashing. I find the whole thing hilarious.

This little outtake from our wedding photos always cracks me up. My wife wouldn’t mind me sharing this here as no one would know who she is. Unless they’re from Wisconsin.

You want some pizza, my wife asked …

My girlfriend wanted to dress up as a “mummy” at the costume party but it didn’t work out as planned.

My wife saw others going crowd surfing and she thought it looked fun. And I must say it ended up being most others than her having fun. Once the wardrobe malfunction happened, I could almost not blame the crowd for grabbing a boob here and here.

This is one of the shots from when I started my hobby of art photography. However, after my wife saw the first batch of photos, she has been reluctant to let me continue this hobby.

This is a fun little joke, but the trick is to remind her its not a real hotdog just before she bites into it.

I agree that it’s a strange fetish I have but I thank my wife for playing along. After cumming on her face in the car, I want her to take a walk through the park, still covered in my cum. She just did it the one time.

At my girlfriends bachelorette party before we got married, they had a stripper. One of her friends played around with the strippers cock and he accidentally ejaculated directly in her eye. It made the party very memorable, not least due to the photo that my now-wife snapped.

As an April 1st prank, my girlfriend tricked one of her friends into this expensive hair treatment. Fun fact, I am actually in this picture.

This photo was submitted to us without any further explanation or description. Normally we don’t publish photos like that but in this case we chose to make an exception. There is just something about it.

I was supposed to meet my wife in the bar for a bar snack and drinks but I kept saying I would come later and later. She said that she would party with some other people if I didn’t come soon. I told her to go ahead. I ended up coming much later than I ever thought and when I came she had already taken her revenge on me.

Not only was she sitting around with her boobs out, it was clear that someone had cum on her and she had not bothered to wipe it off. Probably meant as a penalty to me.

So yeah, these were really random photos – just spillover from the real pictorials that we post from time to time. I hope you enjoyed them nonetheless.

So please in the future, try to submit photos related to ongoing contests or pictorials, but if you have something special, maybe send it anyway and we will see whether we can fit it into some post in the future.

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