Pictures from the Morning After

People have been sending pictures from the morning after and we have enough now for a small collection. They’ve typically had a house party and then the next morning walked through the house and found people sleeping in different places.

This girl had asked if she could sleep on the couch the night before and I said yes of course. She apparently prefers to sleep in the nude or at least topless.

The funniest scene is the one where a guest of mine had fallen asleep in the bathroom, apparently waiting to see if she was going to get sick.

The craziest I have seen is this woman who I didn’t know, but I did see her at my party – and she had fallen asleep on the living room floor and it became apparent that she had not worn any underwear that evening.

This is not the morning after but it’s late afternoon after partying at a pool party since before noon. And in the afternoon people were drunk and sleepy. Her bikini bottom had slipped aside a bit.

I went to bed a bit early and some of my guests kept partying. What I saw when I got up I’ll never forget. I never did figure out what had happened that night.

This wasn’t exactly the morning after, not for me anyway. For me it was late night and around 4 am I decided to go to bed. Just a few guests left talking. And what I found in my bed I will never forget. I should mention I didn’t fondle or anything, but I did go to bed next to her. I was tired. And of course I did have to move her a bit to make space.

We accepted this honorable mention even though it didn’t fit the category that well.

We found this drunk couple on the way home from a house party. I guess they drank too much and maybe wanted to do hanky panky and then fell asleep or something.

After a night of heavy partying, I found my girlfriend in the bed next to me, but with her panties pulled down and clearly cum dripping from her pussy. Funny thing is I don’t even remember having sex that night.

My girlfriend went to bed early in the party. When I came to bed I found her with cum all over her face. I was pretty sure that was from more than one person. Oh well, all harmless fun, I wiped it off her face so she wouldn’t think I did it.

We have also received many stories about a new trend in house parties in some regions in Europe. They call it loosely translated “Guest of honor” and they tie up one guest and have fun.

Its not exactly supposed to be about nudity but those are of course the stories we choose to share here.

I went to bed early and my wife stayed up with our guests. When I got up I realized that she had apparently been chosen as guest of honor and I also think the other guests forgot to untie her when they left.

The next story sounds like “guest of honor” as well, but in this case the family was unaware of the game. When her husband found her in the bed with cum dripping from her pussy, he thought she had been violated in some way. But obviously, from the context of the trending “guest of honor” party game, its clear that is what happened. We were fortunate enough to be able to explain this to the worried husband.

Usually the “guest of honor” is not about nudity and that was the case when my guests chose my wife as guest of honor. Yes, its a compromising position and yes, they did fondle her throughout the night, but we all had a good giggle about it and we talk the ballgag out of her mouth for shots.

Cumshots that is.

We had all enjoyed playing “guest of honor” and then someone pointed out that my wife had never been guest of honor in any of our parties. She knew what kind of things were involved in this so she made them swear that there would be no nudity. They did swear – and they fairly defined nudity as being nude, so they let her keep her top on so she wouldn’t be nude.

It was a fun evening but it did get a little “gang rapey” for my taste near the end.

In my opinion, it displays a lack of manners if you don’t accept that fucking my wife once in one evening is all good and fun, but going in for seconds is just greedy.

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