Promotional model or booth babe? Chapter 5

For some reason, I kept getting hired for furniture companies. I’m not sure why, but I was good at it, so why not. I had gained great respect for the way I dealt with the problems in the bathroom convention so I got a great offer from a bedroom company.

When I arrived at the convention, they explained to me, that they wanted to have the booth work like a type of role play, where it would be as if potential customer’s could look into a private bed room. I was supposed to act oblivious to the fact that people were looking. It would create the intimate feel that would make people feel at home and want to buy the beds and other bedroom accessories.


They had me wear a sheer outfit, not appropriate for a public display, but appropriate as night wear – so all in all, with the concept they had envisioned, quite appropriate.

The display was very popular. People liked seeing me walk around, pretending like I didn’t see them. It attracted a crowd, although the crowd got smaller and smaller as the act got old.

That’s when the chief of sales came up to me. “I think it’s bed time – you should go to sleep now… and to give the customer’s that intimate feel, you should go to bed nude.” he explained.

Well, it’s not like it would be the first time I would be nude. After the shower scene I did in the bathroom convention, I had decided that some nudity was OK, as long as it was not just for the nudity alone – if it served the purpose of demonstrating a product, I was OK with some nudity.


After undressing, the crowd gathered again. I had problems acting as if I didn’t notice them, but it went alright. I turned my back to them and more or less lied still. I was satisfied that they were still interested in what was going on, but that I was not really being indecent. From behind they couldn’t see much anyway.

The chief of sales was happy – for a while. He made some sales, but he came to me, unhappy that I was essentially sleeping on the job. “You’re lying like that to protect your decency towards these people, right?” he asked me. Spot on. “Of course” I said.

“That’s wrong – you were supposed to be oblivious about them, pretend like they are not there. If they were not there, you would probably be on your back, relaxing properly – that’s where you should be”

The illusion, the role play had to work and if this was necessary, I was not afraid to do it. After all, I came this far out of respect for the concept of professionalism – now I had another opportunity to show how professional I am.


I closed my eyes and made sure that it was absolutely clear that I was being oblivious to the crowd watching my every move.

The company made many sales that day. Some of the sales apparently seemed to be in petty cash that day. I continued to move around on the bed, I wasn’t gonna let anyone say that I was sleeping on the job.

The chief of sales asked me to move to another bed, apparently that specific bed had been sold more than any other. While in the other bed, I continued to move around.

That’s when I heard a customer ask “Can I try?”. “Sure” the sales guy said. The customer came to the bed. I tried to keep ignoring him, playing the role I was hired to play – but suddenly I couldn’t ignore him any longer. He had undressed completely and was now sporting a major erection. I noticed when he grabbed my leg and pulled me towards him.

“Hey!?” I said, out of character.

“Listen” the chief of sales said “this is part of what people normally do in a bed – think of it as part of the demonstration”. It sounded right – before I could find any flaw in the logic, the guy had already started attempting to insert his cock in me.


The crowd grew even bigger – people’s interest in the beds on sale even grew to the level where they started taking pictures.

Another success.


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  1. I’m sure she did a great job of showing the crowd how much action the bed springs can take without the bed collapsing!

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