Quickie in the bar

Let me tell you about a funny little encounter I had. Well, in retrospect it’s funny but on that particular day, I was quite shocked.

The crazy thing about it is, that the whole thing took just 30 seconds.


I was sitting in a bar, having some cocktails. The bar was quite busy and with my sexy good looks, every 10 minutes some guy would buy me a drink. Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t pay too much attention to what I was doing.

Let me tell you, I never wear panties when I go out. I feel more sexy without panties. This evening was no difference. It’s just a matter of feeling, because as you can see, no one can tell whether I’m wearing or not wearing panties on this picture.

However, as the night progressed, the skirt accidentally rode up and I didn’t notice it!


I must have been sitting like this for a long time. Come to think of it, I was feeling a little cold on my behind, but I just didn’t think any of it. I just enjoyed my gin & tonic and talked with the bartender. Meanwhile, my naked ass was on display to the entire bar.

During the evening, the bar got more and more crowded and people were moving close to each other throughout the bar. Some times people were leaning in over the bar to order a drink. This is why I didn’t think of it, when I felt someone leaning in behind me. However, this was more than lean.

With one motion, he lifted up my ass and yanked his cock right into my pussy.


He held on very tight and fucked me – only maybe 20 seconds later, can you imagine, he came in me. When I looked back, he was already gone, meanwhile semen was running out of my pussy on onto the bar stool.

That’s all folks. I never saw the stranger again and I never told anyone about it. I guess no one in the bar really noticed what had happened, what with the bar being crowded and all. Since that day, I’ve always been a little more careful about my skirt riding up, when I’m wearing a micro skirt with no panties.

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