Read That Again

I had always wanted to be a model it was my dream, to see myself in the pages of magazines and on runways.

I had been applying for different gigs for months, and finally, I got an opportunity of a lifetime.

I received a response email from Elite Fun Entertainment saying that I fit the profile of the type of model they were looking for and it would be a paid job of $1500, for a 2-hour shoot.

My mouth dropped, it was my first model gig and it was a paid one, I was so excited, I skimmed through the rest of the email, and immediately replied I was so interested.

Friday morning I arrived at a studio, and a guy came to the door.

“Hi you must be Jen, I’m Tom the photographer.”

I responded, ” Hi yes I am and it’s lovely to meet you as well.”

“Come on in,” Tom said.


He walked me into the room we would be shooting at, and when we got there I was shocked to see a guy sitting on the couch.

“Jen, meet Don this is who you’re modeling with today.”

I guess I had skipped over that part about me shooting with someone.

Tom walked over and gave us contracts basically us saying we agreed to be photographed for resale and that we would be compensated on our agreed amount of $1500

After we were done with wardrobe Tom told us what positions to get into and then started snapping pictures.

It was all going pretty good but then got a little weird when he told me to take my skirt off.

I didn’t think much of it and just went with it I figured sex sells right?


Tom shot some pictures and then told me to pull up my shirt to show my breast.

I had to ask now “Um isn’t the point to model the clothes?”

Tom looked at me confused, “Um no it’s to make it look like you guys are fucking, so people can jerk off to our magazine.”

My mouth dropped I guess Don was in on it too because he also looked at me confused.

“Of course I knew that just continue with the pictures,” I said.

I felt like an idiot, I should have completely read the email, oh well I wasn’t going to back out now, it was still my first gig, and it was still a nice payday.

Tom continued ” shirt up please, and make sure you smile.”


Tom took a couple shots in that position and then he told don to pull his cock out and he told me to put my mouth around the tip of his penis.

I froze and I think Don was used to this because before Tom could even finish the directions his freshly shaved cock was swinging in my face.

I exhaled, and put my mouth around his tip as directed.

“Make it believable sweetie,” Tom yelled.

I sunk my cheeks in acting like I was taking a huge gulp of his cock.


He took his shots in that position, I wondered how many more, couldn’t have been too many because we were at the hour mark.

Frank began talking, ” Ok, for this next shot Ms. Jen you can drop your bottoms and lay down on the couch,”  “Don, you’re gonna drop your bottoms and go over there and insert the tip of your penis into her vagina.”

“Jen, grab onto his tie and make it look like, you can barely take it.”

I opened my legs wide while grabbing onto Don’s tie trying to look as convincing as possible.

“Good job,” Don said.


We posed like that for a few shots and then Frank zoomed in for a close-up and told me to look down at his cock.


“And now we need our money shot people,” Frank started leading into what I was assuming was the last shot directions.

“Don, I need you to jack yourself off and cum over Ms. Jen breast.”

I sat there watching Don jack himself off, and he seemed to be having a hard time getting there, there were about 15 minutes left of this shoot, and I was ready to leave, so I decided to suck his cock.

I just leaned over and took his cock whole in my mouth, Don threw his head back moaning so loudly.

He grabbed my head pushing it further onto his cock fucking my face causing me to gag.

He quickened his thrust in my mouth and yelled out he was about to come.

“OK now lean next to his cock and smile,” Frank yelled.

Just as Don came Frank snapped his shots.


Great work guys Frank said and walked off to the back.

We got cleaned up and dressed and Frank emerged again holding two envelopes, Thank you for your time, and always be out the lookout for more work in your emails, now that we have you in our system.

On the way out I looked into the envelope counting $1500, I had to admit it wasn’t how I thought I was going to start off my modeling career but it sure felt good to have that money afterward.



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