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You have heard about this incident in the news a few years ago, but I bet you didn’t hear how it started.

At this school in Florida they were setting up a school play about ancient Rome. This was a tradition every year and I say “was” because they discontinued the yearly school play now.

Both teachers and students would participate in setting up the school play. It would be the very senior students on stage and then the younger students would help to make decorations and whatever else was required to do the play. I worked on the script.

One of the teachers was playing a part in the play this year.


She was making sure everything was fully authentic. This had to be the best play ever. None of you guys probably heard about this teacher because she was not mentioned in the news, but she is actually the one who started it all.

Months before the play started, they would already be practicing lines and trying on outfits. They also made posters for the play and it was while they were doing one of the posters that everything started in my opinion.


One of the students noticed her striped underwear in the picture. They didn’t comment on the underwear showing, they commented on the underwear itself. “That’s not authentic”.

The teacher fully agreed and it was well known during the rehearsals that she was not wearing any underwear after that day. And as you can see, she was already not wearing a bra. It had to be authentic.

As far as I know, she never had any accidents of exposing herself, but I think everyone was thinking about it and getting aroused just getting near the stage, especially if she was there.

She had one scene with the emperor, played by one of the students, where she was topless! Very authentic, but of course, there were no posters with this scene, but it would be featured in the play itself. It was artsy and authentic and all the teachers had agreed this was appropriate.


Now, nothing happened between this teacher and student. There were a lot of people attending the rehearsals, especially on the days when this scene was rehearsed and they did it really well, in fact.

The students took part in arranging everything, although the teachers had the final word. There was great prestige in getting the biggest roles.

The role of the emperor was already taken, but the second biggest role of Cleopatra was only given later to Lina (far right on this photo of the students discussing the roles in the class room)


Now, as Lina got the role, the other girls who wanted the role was instead tasked with making the costumes for Cleopatra.

That may be the explanation of how she ended up with this costume. It had a top but it did not cover her breasts. Of course, had it not been for the teacher already having a topless scene and going above and beyond to keep things authentic, I don’t think the teachers would have accepted this costume. But having already prioritized authenticity and art so high, they also approved this costume.


You might think having a student topless in the play was “bad enough” – or good enough depending how you feel – but that was not all.

When Lina was standing up in her Cleopatra costume, every boy in the room would go instantly hard.

She had a skirt around her waist, just covering her front and just enough to cover everything, but clearly without any underwear. It drove everyone crazy and the entire first day of rehearsals with Cleopatra, everyone but here forgot their lines.



They wanted a photo of Cleopatra that they could use for the poster, but it could not be obscene in any way. It would be fine to have her topless in an artsy play, but it was something else entirely to have it on a poster.

They tried anyway and took some photos of her from the side but it did not help much.


That was one of the longest photo sessions. Usually it took about 10 minutes per role but in this case it went on for almost 45 minutes.

They also tried taking one from behind but it did not make things better, because it was visible she was not wearing underwear, even though anything obscene was hidden by shadow.


And now for rehearsals. You would think that this was the big night, judging by the amount of people in the audience at the first rehearsals. I was in the audience, trying to hide my boner for a while, until I saw that everyone was in the same situation as me.

They all looked up at the stage at the rehearsals, almost unable to breathe. Especially when Cleopatra was given grapes by the slave, she lifted herself up slightly and her legs spread a little. The whole room gasped as if it was a courtroom and a controversial ruling had just been made.


Some of the boys noticed that Lina, AKA Cleopatra, was also breathing heavily and was clearly horny. Of course, it was no surprise that even the boy who played the slave on the stage was having the same problem as the rest of us.

Super horny.

He was also wearing realistic clothing with no underwear and he had kept back the best he could, but now there was nothing he could do and his boner peaked out from under his undergarments! Line grabbed it as if defending herself, but she didn’t let go.


So this is how it happened – what you read about in the papers. This is how it got this far.

This boy had a super rock hard cock. A half naked, horny, wet girl was holding his cock in front of her.

The next thing that happened was not surprising. It was inevitable!


The boy crouched down and pushed his cock up into Linas dripping wet pussy.

Most of the audience could not really see what was going on. So that left only dozens of people watching this unfold – this boy straight out horny-fucking his school-mate on the stage, while rehearsing for a school play.

The teachers, also horny, couldn’t believe their own eyes and no one interfered.


Not surprisingly, the boy came almost immediately in her pussy and after pumping every drop into her, he pulled out and his dick went limp under his garments and was hidden.

Lina let her skirt fall down in front although we could see some liquid dripping down from it.

“Now, let’s try those lines again” Lina said, but as you well know from the news, they never ended up performing this play to the general public.

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