Service 18

Yun had been living by herself in Manchester for almost 1 year. Considering she was from China, she spoke fairly good English, probably because she was from a city nearby Hong Kong. But other than that, she had not much knowledge about the western culture – even after staying for one year, she had not done much else than going to work at her cousins restaurant and going home to sleep.

Yun was in her small cheap apartment, which she had carefully decorated so it would look expensive (how else am I gonna fit that setting in the otherwise AMAZING plot?)


The door bell rang. Yun did not usually have any visitors. She thought for a second that maybe someone had come to visit her because they knew it was her 18th birthday today, but she couldn’t imagine who would do that.

“Who it is?” Yun said in her still imperfect English. “Service 18” a male voice responded. Yun opened the door to see what that Service 18 is. “Hello, I’m representing Service 18, an agency under the ministry of social services, can I come in?” he asked politely.

She nodded and showed him to the couch. “Are you having a good birthday?” the man asked.


Yun was curious about why he was asking that, but was in a way happy someone at least noticed. “Thanks, fine” she said. “How know you birthday?”

“Well” the guy said “We at Service 18 keep track of everyone turning 18 in each of our districts and pay them a visit on their 18th birthday. Do you remember registering when you arrived to Manchester?” he asked.

“Yes?” Yun said … “And do you remember giving your birth date at that time?” the guy asked. “Yes … ?” Yun replied. “So do you know understand how I know your birth date?”. Yun paused for a while … “Ahh, Mr. very smart, just know from birth date” Yun correctly observed.

“Yun …” the man said and gave Yun a serious look. “Do you understand that you will get deported if you break the law. Even the slightest.”

“I not break any law!” Yun said immediately. “Well, Yun, do you know about the sexual minimum age in this country?”. “Yes … “ Yun replied “It be 18 years old sexy mini old” she said.

“You will have to undress and prove to me that you have not broken the law” the man said in a authoritative voice. Yun felt compelled to do as he asked.


“Yes, let me see” the man said, as he looked for Yun’s unbroken hymen. There it was.

“Yun, I have your deportation papers right here” the man said and opened a briefcase. “Can I borrow a pen? I need to sign here, so you can be deported immediately?” the man explained.

“What? I not break law, I not have sex under minimum age”.

“Yun, maybe UK citizens can get away with that, but you have to follow the law exactly. You cannot have sex before 18 and 18 is the age where you start having sex. For foreigners that means you must have sex on your 18th birthday to follow that law completely”

Yun, realizing the apparent logic was holding up, was terrified. “But I have no boyfriend, I not have sex today!”

“Well” the man said, predictably, “Since you’re such a nice girl, I may be able to help you out with that”

He slowly nudged his penis into her. She was trying to spead her lips, trying to minimize the pain.


After slowly moving further and further in, each time her screaming whenever his cock reached unexplored territory, the man slowly but safely penetrating her. He moved it so far in, that he could begin moving in and out. With each move, he touched on the hymen until he increased the pressure, she screamed out louder and he then moved in for the hit – pushed through and burst the hymen.

Yun screamed and cried a bit for a few seconds. Then her crying turned in to faint moaning and it was obvious that she was getting more relaxed and able to enjoy the experience.

He came in her. Not something he intended or that usually happened when he played this trick. The man had of course done this many times before. Some times with success, but most often getting rejected, while telling his story. He would find girls living alone, turning 18 and knock on their door. He found the birth dates on Facebook and simply looked up the names. He would go to around 3 apartments per day after work, and most day he would get rejected a couple of times – and then get in.

Besides cumming in her, something else happened with Yun, that hadn’t happened before. She asked a question he had never heard. A sweet one, though. “So how often after I’m 18 do I have to have sex?” she asked. What an excellent question. Why hadn’t he thought of that!? “Uhm, at least a couple of times per week.”

After that, he came back again later that week and sure enough, she did her citizen duty and fucked her, following the law of 18 being the sexual minimum age.

He kept it up for several weeks, even documented some of the sessions, until he got bored and passed her on to a “colleague” of his, who would be her new … case worker.

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