Setting the gymnastics team

I like my job. I am part of a committee that sets the gymnastics team for our region. My favorite part of the job is when girls come to auditions to become part of the team. It’s a paid position and it’s the most prestigious in the region, so it’s very popular.

Here is one girl at an audition.


Most auditions are about showing off how flexible you are. It’s a matter of principle, that flexibility is the first criterion we look for, as it cannot easily be learnt. The moves are easier to learn than to delocate your bones to reach a certain position that is impossible to some.

One day, a girl changed the way that we looked at auditions from that day forward.

She insisted on auditioning without underwear on. She felt it would give her an advantage.


We accepted her request. She was really good and she made it to the team.

This episode made us think about whether they way we are having these auditions are fair. The girl had claimed that performing without underwear gave her an advantage. She made it to the team, so she might very well be right. Would it be fair to the other girls to not get this advantage.

At the next audition, the girl seemed to be very skilled. She seemed very suitable for the team.


However, we were also in doubt about whether she would make it to the team. One of the other committee members suggested that she did as the other girl had done, and take her bottom half off – to give her the same competetive edge as the others. At first she didn’t want to do it, but when we told her she would otherwise not get the position, she ended up accepting the proposal.


She did great and she ended up getting the position.

After this audition, we discussed again what to do about it. She got the part, but she had also been uncomfortable about going bottomless. One of the other committee members came up with a solution. “They are embarrassed to suggest to go without underwear, but once they get started, they seem fine with it. If we make it mandatory to go without underwear, it will be the same for everyone, and they will not be responsible for making this choice individually. No competetive advantage for anyone”.

After we made this decision, we still got enough applicants and it was finally equal for everyone.


This became the accepted practice for everyone and girls started showing up and by their own initiative, not wearing panties at the auditions. We didn’t have to mention it to them at all.



Some would just not wear panties – but most started coming completely nude. Probably to get maximum advantage.


We got some great talent on the team. In fact, we felt like it was easier to assess the skills of each person when they were not disguising their moves under the clothes. We never discussed the possibility of going back.


Being in this committee was already one of the most amazing jobs I could imagine, but it had become even more fun after these improvements of our rules. Of course the fun lies in finding the best talent.

The competition was still fierce and we noticed some girls tried to play on some sexual vibe – I guess it’s to be expected when they are all naked.

One day, the days of auditioning change forever. A girl had insisted on bringing her boyfriend to the audition studio. To our big surprise, she did some flexibiility exercises while her boyfriend fucked her. We were completely shocked and didn’t stop her.


Her exhibition was great from a professional point of view. She argued that if she could do these stretches while being fucked, they would be even easier to do while she was not getting fucked.

She had found a way to get an even better competitive edge.

Now the big question was, should we allow this going forward or should we rob these girls of the opportunity to get this competitive edge.

We decided to allow it. After this, several other girls did the same and many of them got in the team.


As competition grew, the girls went for more and more challenging positions while getting fucked. In the end, only girls bending completely backwards like this, were accepted into the team.


Of course, once we discovered the competitive edge this gave the girls willing to go this far, we had to make it mandatory for everyone to do this as part of their audition. Anything else would be waster of their time and ours.


This gave an even playing field for everyone. Or so we thought. The number of applicants went down. Way down. Much further down than we had expected.

It was only several weeks later that we figured out why. Many girls didn’t HAVE a boyfriend so the COULDN’T audition. Not without picking up a stranger on the way to the audition, as we learned many girls had already done.

We couldn’t accept that the girls had to do this and came up with the only solution that we could think of. Us, the committee members, had to take on the role of fucking the girls. To make it fair, we no longer allowed boyfriends. That way every girl would get one of us and no one would get special treatment.


It was a solution everyone was happy with. Every girl got the same treatment – and we had a lot of fun with it at the same time, which there is nothing wrong with.

Of course, this all changed one day, when a girl asked if she was allowed to cocks at the same time, as a competitive edge to anyone taking just one cock…


We discussed it and … well … from that day forward, we had to get some more guys in the committee.

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