Sofia Vergara in Modern Family – Illustrated by AI

It is clear to anyone that part of why Sofia Vergara was hired for her role in Modern Family was her sexy beauty, not least her impressive bust.

It was soon discovered that she is a magnificent comedic talent but before the first episodes aired and they discovered this, they had already shot scenes with more focus on her being the sexy ingredient in the mix of the show.

Here are some of the cleavages that didn’t make it into the final show.

There were a few lingerie shots as well.

One scene had her wear a dress that was arguably a bit too short and it caused some wardrobe malfunctions

Another wardrobe malfunction had her wear a too short dress at a party in one of the stories.

In yet another wardrobe malfunction, she is bending backwards to take a selfie and accidentally exposes more than she wanted to.

There were some actual topless scenes planned in the first season. It makes sense because that was the perceived biggest asset that Sofia Vergara had at the time that she was hired.

Another topless scene was from the golf club. The storyline was about her trying to distract golfers to let her husband win.

Here is a fun scene where she is saying hello to Phil for the first time. Some of these scenes could have been really funny if they didnt end up having to scrap them for ratings.

In many scenes they had her wearing skimpy clothes for no apparent reason.

Even much later in the show they were still experimenting with over the top outfits. Here is from a later season where she is with Phil pretending to be his husband for a photoshoot opportunity.

For the same photoshoot she is supposed to appear young and vibrant with Phil.

Here is a scene where she is rushing to the hospital, holding up her dress.

Finally, we see an example of some promotional material that made it very clear what role they intended for her.

And don’t forget this very funny and inappropriate poster.

Unfortunately we don’t have this one in a high resolution.

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